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Started by UnSlaveMe

0 Apr 23

What is a phenakistoscope?

It was an early animation device, the predecessor of the zoetrope, invented in 1832 by by Joseph Plateau of Belgium. Plateau devoted his li…

Started by UnSlaveMe

0 Apr 5

Do you believe in the flat earth theory?

I'm still pondering the flat earth theory. There is something very intriguing about it, and definitely I'd like to hear from those in the k…

Started by UnSlaveMe

0 Mar 26

Sleuth Journal News

Gold And Silver – Shanghai Exchange Effect On Silver? Author: Guest Post By: Edge Trader Plus | The trend for silver remains down, for no…

Started by UnSlaveMe

0 Mar 23

Reverse Speech. The Pope and Donald Trump

I found this really interesting. I'd like to hear Putin's reverse speech as well. If we could employ this technology to weed out the politi…

Started by Sheeriew

0 Mar 12

Four terrible effects of Daylight Saving Time

Saturday, March 12, 2016, 6:18 AM - You know the drill: Spring forward, fall back. And the clocks spring forward this weekend, as Daylight…

Started by UnSlaveMe

0 Mar 12

Sleuth Journal News

No Change In Foreign Policy From 2016 Standard-Bearers Author: James Hall Getty Images Illustration via CNN. With all the turmoil and unc…

Started by UnSlaveMe

0 Mar 10

BizPac Review: Assault on Trump leaves debate viewers fuming, Knife found buried on OJ Simpson estate & more‏

‘Complete assault on Trump’ leaves debate viewers fuming Donald Trump was hit from all sides at Fox News's GOP Debate Thursday, and many p…

Started by UnSlaveMe

0 Mar 4

ViralNova Stories for Today

He Was Kept On A Chain His Whole Life. Now Watch The Heartwarming Moment He's Set Free! He Stacked Water Bottles In His Garden…

Started by UnSlaveMe

0 Mar 2

Misc Articles from Free Thought Project

Video Shows How Dancing in Public in the Police State is Hazardous to Your Health 2016-02-29 20:11:21 Matt Agorist Dan…

Started by UnSlaveMe

0 Mar 1


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