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Goodbye WiFi! New Li-Fi Internet Is 100 Times Faster (And SAFER!)

  bodymindsoulspirit  by Ben Taub, The inventor of the electric lightbulb could hardly have imagined that one day his creation would be use…

Started by UnSlaveMe

1 Aug 5
Reply by rose


  DiscloseTV Astronomers have marked their calendar for one of the biggest meteor showers that have ever been recorded to date. A meteor s…

Started by UnSlaveMe

0 Jul 30

Chinese Scientists Successfully Teleported a Particle to Space

  The experiment broke the previous distance record by more than three times. When it comes to weird quantum effects, none is weirder than…

Started by UnSlaveMe

0 Jul 13

The Universe Itself May Be Unnatural

  The star forming region Sh 2-106 showcases an interesting set of phenomena, many of which point to fine-tunings of some sort. When it…

Started by UnSlaveMe

0 Jul 6

We Can Now Build Biomolecules From Computer Code — No Humans Necessary

FUTURISM IN BRIEF Synthetic Genomics has created a digital-to-biological converter that uses digital code to create biologics like DNA, RNA…

Started by UnSlaveMe

0 Jul 4

Russia Launches Mysterious Military Satellite from Arctic Base

 At last, it looks like the future is finally here: the Cold War has officially made its way into space. Over the last few years, the world…

Started by UnSlaveMe

0 Jun 28

This Volcano-Shaped Pyramid in Peru Has Experts Stumped

From far away, El Volcán in the Nepeña Valley of coastal Peru might look like a natural feature in the landscape. But this volcano is artif…

Started by UnSlaveMe

0 Jun 26

U.S. total solar eclipse sparks spectator excitement

  REUTERS By Irene Klotz | CAPE CANAVERAL, FLA. The first total solar eclipse across the continental United States in a century is expected…

Started by UnSlaveMe

0 Jun 26

Freshwater from salt water using only solar energy

  Modular, off-grid desalination technology could supply families, towns A federally funded research effort to revolutionize water treatmen…

Started by UnSlaveMe

0 Jun 22

Big Announcement from NASA: 200 New Planets Found, 10 Planets Like Earth May Have Life

 NASA made a big announcement today as they continue with their soft disclosure about E.T. life on other worlds.  Over 200 new planets have…

Started by UnSlaveMe

0 Jun 21


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