Man Who Was Waterboarded 183 Times, Confesses Complete Responsibility for 9/11 and Will Be Executed.

Kev Boyle It was reported on BBC News tonight that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four others will be charged with orchestrating the September 11 attacks.

What the report omitted to say was that many sources, including the New York Times (could any institution be less anti-establishment?), reported in April 2009 that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed had been waterboarded 183 times in Guantanano Bay.

The BBC report went on to say, rather comically in the circumstances, was that “Khalid Sheikh Mohammed admits everything relating to the 9/11 attacks from A to Z.”

I like to think that this blog specialises in stating the obvious but here is something SO obvious that it does not need stating.

How long will we and our useless, zombified representatives continue to put up with this stuff?

Full confessions. No jury. We can expect one or perhaps two of the defendants to be given light sentences to project (laughably) an impression of fairness……that this is something other than a completely pre-arranged propaganda exercise that will also shut up for ever one or two people who might, in the long term, provide information that damages the real criminals responsible for 9/11.

Humanity is possessed by an unspeakable evil.

Lies are truth.
War is Peace.
Murder comes in the guise of Humanitarianism.
The System of Justice primarily represents the interests of murders, thieves (and, when push comes to shove, paedophile rapists).

Our political representatives are confidence tricksters, professional liars, front men for mega criminals.

They have been shown the evidence that irrefutably proves that 9/11 and 7/7 were state-sponsored crimes against their own people, carried out to promote a phoney ‘War on Terror’ and further the interests of those who want to rule this whole world like Gods.

They do nothing.

They do less than nothing. They support (almost to a man, as far as I can make out) the lies and the policies that follow from them, bringing death abroad and enslavement at home.

Perhaps we who write, lobby and protest also are not doing enough.

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This is so disturbing.

I know it is. But to bring  just a little prospective, there is a huge divide being created for a reason. And as we all know it is at the conscious level of awareness. "Harvest" time is near!

Look at what I captured this afternoon. I was in the pool doing laps, and as I look up to get some air I saw this. It scared me a little, 'cuz it looked like a space ship on top of me. The last one is a chemtrail trying to cover it up of course.

Wowsers .. nice pics Sis!

Taken with my Nokia E71phone. The phone does everything music ,videos, chats, internet radio, e reader on pdf's, it has a radio. It is awesome! Except, it does not function as a phone too well. Tee Hee! 

Lol ... does it cook dinner? ;)

hi hi! I am sure soon we will have robots do that. If they can perform surgery, there are no limits to what they can do. I -robot style!

We are waaaaaaay of topic!

Not off topic at all.

I've heard that Nokia have brought out a new waterproof phone in readiness for the next tsunami pictures, and they proved it out  by giving the first prototype  to

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed

who tested it while being water-boarded:)

I wonder if the judge will even bother asking for a demonstration of just one of the 183 water-boardings?

Maybe he'll want a repeat test to find out of the phone really does work under water.

Current mass media is propaganda aimed at those with an IQ below room temperature

Have you heard about the GM goats that produce pre-vaccinated milk yet. This stuff's more humorous than Beano, but unfortunately some of it is true.

david, no please tell me this is not true!!!Its hard to surprise me these days!!! But this would be insane & away for 'powers that be' get around the conscientious objectors'!!!! Insane!!!

Yes David I hear about the GM goats. I think I read that article right here on YTN. Nokia will join Microsoft into a Windows phone soon. I hope it rings, so I can be reached. lol

amazing photos!!! amongst all the darkness is the light!!!! :-)

Cathy, that is what the 'geoengineers have done to our atmoshere - filled it full of particulate shit.

It cuts out the UV rays essential for crops and human health.

It makes the atmoshere store water for greater storms etc.

It creates an ideal medium for bacteria and fungii to thrive.

If you stay outside under that sky all day you might get heat exhaustion/ stroke but you won't get sunburned !

There is nothing ominous there other than Chemsprayers and they aluminium etc. they provide for us to breathe !

How bad can this stuff get, before the change occurs???? Sometimes I really wonder if it is all changing!!!!


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