It's still a rumor, but let's hope it is so!

Looks that Fox News is going to air the documentary on the real Obama “2016″. What will our country look like in 2016, the end of a second Obama tern in the White House?

Some say it is not on tonight. If anyone finds out, let me/us know.

If the news is correct it is for Sunday night 9:00 PM Eastern. I think this is a very important movie, especially if you value religious freedom, freedom in general and the United States.


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My fried sent me an E-Mail to see it, was unavailable due to copy rights,  so wasn't up long.

I checked a few days ago by looking up the listing on Direct TV for Fox News, Fox Business News and Fox TV. None of them have any listing for 2016 for tonight. I also checked the "Smart Search" on Direct TV and 2016 came back with no listings on any channel at any time. Then I checked and found no listing. So I think it is fair to say, you'll not see 2016 on TV anytime soon.

I stopped watch Fox once I found out who they are partnered with. I watched a few episodes with the Five and could not stand Bob what ever his name is.  Once they got rid of the Judge I had completely had it. Ten or so years ago I like Bill O'Reily  but he has gone nuts.

Do you have GBTV, now BlazeTV? its on Dish 212, I have direct,  so watch it form internet.


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