A new movie has been produced by Foster Gamble, called Thrive. In it the filmmaker interviews Adam Trombly about suppressed technologies. Trombly talks about a generator that he and Kahn developed, but the generator that he shows in the photos (both on his website and in the film) are NOT of his closed path homopolar generator, they are photos of a device invented and built entirely by David Farnsworth in 1996. Farnsworth was also the man who invented, designed, and built the solid state generator with the 54:1 output ratio that was shown working by Farnsworth & Trombly to the U.S. Congress in 1989 right before Adam went and spoke to the United Nations.

How do we know this? Farnsworth is one of the consulting engineers who sometimes works with GES, and he has graciously agreed to allow us to post a few of the original photos of his generator taken with a Polaroid in his lab in Oregon. To help you compare them to Trombly's photos, we have also included one of them below. There is a world of difference between those who can and do, and those who only talk and build their own egos. The GES team is real.

“Adam Trombly has never requested, nor have I ever given, permission to use my photos in any way. Nor was my permission sought or given prior to my photos being used in the movie Thrive, or at any time since. — David Farnsworth”

We can only presume that Gamble, the filmmaker, does not understand the situation. If a man will tell a "small" lie, then how can anyone believe anything they say? Such behavior only harms the credibility of the real alternative energy science community.
For a better close-up from the official movie trailer, so you can compare it to the original photos above:



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This has to be straightened out. We can't build our future on lies.

Yes, it does! There are new developments being posted here:


It is almost as if the movie was made to discredit the truth by mixing in so much nonsense. If people think that the alternative energy researchers are all nuts, they won't know how or where to turn for a real solution! It took me less than 30 minutes and just my computer to do more fact-checking than what Gamble did before putting out this movie. Why?

As of yesterday, Thrive was forced to remove the photos of the Farnsworth homopolar amplifier from their site.

Next they will have to remove another inventor's copyrighted photos that are being credited to the wrong inventor as well. After that, the movie will have to be edited to remove those images - hide and watch!

The truth will prevail...

Thanks for the info. .. good news!

Gamble is not honest enough to remove the photos from the movie. Apparently his kind only understand force, because they lack integrity.  Sad, isn't it?


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