Drove by this construction project off of I-15 at the California border and the town of Primm Nevada. These towers are in California. They are huge! They're about 4 times the size of a high voltage power line tower. I'm guessing about 20 stories tall, perhaps taller. They all have these black boxes at the top. The base near the front tower is about the size of that vehicle/tractor that would move the space shuttle and is made of steel. These look like radio frequency devices to me, they are all in one line which suggests an antenna array. HAARP 2? About 3-5 miles up the road on the Nevada side of the border is a power plant with high voltage lines that seem to go into this area. Nevada has much more relaxed pollution laws than California and its much easier to build power plants outside of California.

If anyone knows what these things are please let me know. There also seems to be one of these towers south of Las Vegas. They seem much too tall for oil or natural gas drilling. What so strange about these three towers is there is nothing else out there in the desert in this area. No airbase, nothing. There are a lot of military bases in Nevada and this part of California, this is not too far from China Lake.

Power plant just south of Primm Nevada, you can see the height of the power lines,
the three towers are about 4-5 times the height of these power lines.


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Well if they have not disclosed what they are, who built them or why, then they do not want us to know.

In that case it is not good, anything that is kept a secret is indicative of a military type plan.

Who owns the land? It is all fenced off, that would give us a better clue.


They are building a solar power facility in Primm. No conspiracy here.


Thankyou Brian.


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