AN URGENT Message to OUR Military, Police, and Officials from 'We The People'

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Am I the only one confused by this video?  There are a lot of liberals in it!!!

Perhaps you need to explain Grammie. Your comment confuses me.

It is a very patriotic video, but the appearance especially of Whoopie confuses me, who is an ardent Obama supporter and seems to agree with all of his agenda.  Forgive me, but I also just finished listening to Drake and am trying to process it all.  I guess I'm just surprised to see some obviously left-leaning Hollywood people being so patriotic.  I know in their own way they probably love this country, but are their values the same as the rest of us who see our country in decline???

I think it will come down to what Drake stated as the punishments will meet the crimes. Not all of hollywood, and not all of the government is negative. We do have to keep things in perspective. I think also that the video is exerpts from other videos and perhaps we should just concentrate on the message rather than the motives of individuals.

Nope, it confused me too. As you say there are a Lot of liberals in this video.

Does anyone even know who made the video? ... that may explain a few things. I don't.

Yes, somehting tells me Woopie is not a fan of Ron Paul. Could be the setting the stage for a flase flag attck here in the US, and will be blamed on Ron Paul supporters, Oath keepers, Christians, and gun owners, and any anyone else that believes is Freedom.

It may help to check out the other videos on this posters site.  .. Link

This would seem to be the declaration of War , the preamble to the Revolutionary War , IMHO ??..

Well, let's break it down.  First of all, notice that "An URGENT Message..." is plugged into the front of this performance in print only.  No person filmed here is making such a statement.  The only words spoken are words that are being read out loud by this group of individuals.  These people are reading text like the good actors that they are. This is a performance. While it's very possible that they are sincere in their attempt at being patriotic although diluded, it is also possible that they are  just doing a job and getting paid for it.They are reading the text of the declaration of independence written in 1776 by the representatives of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.  I would like to point out that THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is a corporation.  IMHO, you can throw this in the trash with the rest of the propaganda that is being thrown at us. 

You got it.

If you understood your own history and the real laws of your country you would not doubt the allegiance  of the people featured in the video. I can understand why many people put great hope in Obama during his election campaign because of the lies he said.Most know the truth now. Also note that the  known cabalist hollywood stars are not there. Power to the people I have great faith in you from Australia


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