Published on Mar 13, 2017

We talk to Benjamin Fulford about Fukishima, The Vatican, The importance of gold, the imminent financial collapse and global reset, the military industrial complex, Antarctica, Wikileaks, CERN, The Secret Space Program, NASA and we also discuss some more esoteric topics such as entities and the quarantine on the planet.  

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I forced myself to listen to this whole thing.  From about the 47 minute mark is where he really nails it as to what is coming.  Pretty much what we have been saying here.  As he said the GCR is at a impasse but not for the reasons he gave.  The elders put a stipulation on the global accounts that they can not be used to back a fiat currency.  What currency isn't a fiat currency?  The markets are all based on fiat currencies.  Until they get this figured out or maybe more like "implement" the new finical system nothing is going to happen.  He talks to the humanitarian projects that we have been talking about here for a long time as being the heart of the reset.  

What he says about "restoring the Republic" I hope he would've said what that means to him in his terms.  I know what it means to me but it may not mean what BF believes.  All in all it wasn't a bad interview.  If BF didn't have a sinus cold (?) he has a serious coke problem.  As with all coke heads they are always sucking in through their noses and you can hear that through the whole interview.

Why am I listening to someone who can't spell  Fukushima?

Why?  LOL The last ten minutes of the interview B, posted a couple of days ago was pretty good.

why? Really B?  I honestly thought you posted this to pull the piss out of it

This guy is such a pillock - to open with there is no radiation and that this is a giant fear porn exercise... who the hell would listen to that crap even if they only had half a brain.

He also said after Fukushima that chemtrails aren't real.

Most of us bought Geiger counters... most of us learned how to think for ourselves, most of us learned to look up.

No wonder humanity is in this pile of shit - they will buy anything they are fed and if they question, the masses will knock them back into place for not agreeing with them.

Reminds me of school.

I did say the last ten minutes.  From the 47 minute mark on.  What you are referring to was before that.


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