Bill Wood has been arrested. The charges he faces arise from a law that was enacted in 2006 and then applied retroactively to his conviction in 1998 to derive charges against him. (Bill does not say what the charges are.) Bill maintains that the 1998 conviction was a trumped-up charge of statutory rape of a minor designed to silence him as a dissident. If the case is as Bill says, the charge violates the basic principles of common law.

Bill reports that he was found innocent of the charge against him in state court and now plans to establish his innocence in federal court.

Bill says that usually once a person is informed that a warrant exists for his arrest, it doesn’t mean that one is instantly arrested, but within 24 hours of being informed that a warrant existed for him, Bill was visited by federal marshals and taken into custody.

The video begins at the 12:03 mark. Prior to that Eva Wood’s voice cannot be heard.

Bill said that it was a choice that he made to stay and fight the charges against him or flee, live underground and continue reporting. He made the choice to fight the charges.

The video was done May 22 and released May 25. To help Bill with a letter please post to William Brockbrader 1046233 CO ADA County Jail, 7210 Barrister Drive, Boise, Idaho 83704. Thanks to Joyce.


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Well, it may not be the 'last Act of Richard the 3rd'...but it's looking very much like a 'LAST DESPERATE ACT' from the NWO to SILENCE a man whose 'audience' will notice he is 'missing'. In short....this is all terribly 'horses & stable doors', people....and it is way too late anyhoo for the Dark Cabal. No doubt the original 'complaint' was used back in '96 for the same purpose....haven't learned any new tricks.....have they?? I wonder if the powers at the apex of this House Of Cards is able to see how totally ham-fisted, and half assed this all looks....let's not tell them eh? But let us ALL  instead, support Bill, during this phase of 'rampant BS'....coz the NWO has gotten it's 'Pink Slip & DCM'...they just haven't READ IT yet. Stay strong Bill dear and Eva....we are ALL behind remember us...'we' are the 99%...and we care, very deeply indeed about the know, the 'stuff' that the NWO are 'allergic' to? Always, Annabelle

I quite agree with your comments Chuck and have been a 'victim' of the so called 'Family Law Court 'system' myself, as have many. The DIFFERENCE is surely that we now...KNOW....and KNOWLEDGE..IS power. To see it as a 'fait accomplii' that Bill will 'lose' is,, pardon me, says 'I give up'....(sorry Chuck, no offence intended).The SYSTEM is what should be on trial and I believe it is heading down that path. Bill is entitled to request 3 Adjournments and as I said before....WE ARE THE 99%...the so called 'RULING CLASS...can't rule...unless we, the 'PEOPLE' give them the gig. Stop voting altogether and...THAT ...IS YOUR VOTE!! The SYSTEM is actually what IS...ON TRIAL...right here, in this conversation....because in the final analysis...there are more people reading this than simply yourself and myself. See my point? Have a grand day and only the best wishes to you and yours'. Always, Annabelle xoxo

Lovely of you to respond Chuck and flatly, my dear...I couldn't agree with  you more if I had all day. ALL Lawyers & Barristers are my opinion. I'm related to some so my opinion is an INFORMED one, I have paid very dearly to have my say and I shall do precisely that, I PAID for the right. Conflict of interests would naturally come to the mind of anyone HONEST...not these guys, the lure of POWER & WEALTH and a side order of FEAR, of LOSING that POWER & WEALTH appeals to what, is in principal, their devious nature. The 'Law' is a paintbrush, some are Artists, some are FORGERS! Of course Bill's stakes are high, aren't EVERYBODY'S?? But I 'hear you' all the same. We must DO as our conscience dictates...that is what Bill is doing and as for 'hiring a Lawyer'...permit me to share a saying with  you. 'Ahem: 'Why buy a dog...and BARK yourself'....Bill's BEST defence is HIS TRUTH. Have a great day Chuck...later buddy, always, Annabelle XOXO

Wow,  I thought Bill Wood was just blowin smoke before but  now I think I believe him because the criminals arrested him.  I have to look at his interview again and extract the goodies.

I agree he's obviously a threat to somebody. I wish him well.

Please excuse my ignorance.. But wasn't this guy a fraud? Excuse me if I'm wrong but I thought he took back everythibng he had decared? Didn't something happen between him and Camelot when one of them (not sure which) came out and said the other person is lying? Am I wrong is saying that? Can someone please help me here?

Yes you are wrong Dan. It's actually quite the opposite. Kerry Cassidy as well as David Wilcock and Bill Ryan have stated that Bill is telling the truth it. They did have a misunderstanding, (Kerry and Bill), but that does not negate the interviews or the information in them. It was over an interview where Bill brought in a "mystery person" which turned out to be Eva and Kerry felt at that time he was not adding new information as promised. Also it was the "Navy Seals" who brought a lawsuit out against Bill Wood aka Brockbrader. You can read more on the net. Here is one link.


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