Breaking News: 3 agents removed from Secret Service over scandal

(CBS News)
- Three USSS employees have been removed from the Secret Service in connection with the scandal involving prostitutes during a summit of the Americas attended by President Obama, CBS News has learned.

One supervisor was allowed to retire, a second supervisor was "removed for cause" and has 30 days to appeal, and a third is a Secret Service uniformed officer who resigned, the source told CBS News investigative producer Pat Milton.

The remaining 8 USSS agents who were also allegedly involved in the scandal remain on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation.

The dismissals come as the scandal involving U.S. Secret Service agents in Cartagena, Colombia continues to expand. The scandal has entered the presidential contest, with GOP frontrunner Mitt Romney weighing in.

In other new developments:

A law enforcement source has told CBS News investigative producer Pat Milton that the agents and military personnel met the women at "a few different locations, not just one."The agents brought women back to the hotel individually at various times during the night, not all together, Milton reports. Each of 11 Secret Service agents allegedly involved in the incident was interviewed at Secret Service headquarters in Washington D.C. Monday and some were polygraphed, according to the source.

* A law enforcements source tell CBS News Tuesday that reports Monday of 20 women involved that night are unconfirmed. Agents are still trying to confirm the number of women involved.

On Wednesday, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney said he would "clean house" at the agency in the wake of the incident, which had become a growing election-year embarrassment for the White House.

"The right thing to do is to remove people who have violated the public trust and have put their play time and their personal interests ahead of the interests of the nation," Romney said in a radio interview.

Romney, however, said he remained confident in Secret Service director Mark Sullivan, echoing other statements of support for the agency chief from the White House and Capitol Hill.

White House spokesman Jay Carney said Tuesday that Sullivan had "acted quickly in response to this incident and is overseeing an investigation as we speak into the matter."

Sullivan, facing questions on Capitol Hill about whether the escapades could have jeopardized the president's security, said he had referred the matter to an independent government investigator.

The Secret Service has dispatched more investigators to Colombia to interview the women involved. Sullivan said the 11 Secret Service agents and 10 military personnel under investigation were telling different stories about who the women were, said Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee.

King is among the lawmakers being briefed by Sullivan on the ongoing investigation.

"Some are admitting (the women) were prostitutes, others are saying they're not, they're just women they met at the hotel bar," King said in a telephone interview. Sullivan said none of the women, who had to surrender their IDs at the hotel, were minors. "But prostitutes or not, to be bringing a foreign national back into a secure zone is a problem."

King said it appeared the agency actually had "really lucked out." If the women were working for a terrorist organization or some other anti-American group, King said, they could have had access to information about the president's whereabouts or security protocols while in the agents' rooms.

"This could have been disastrous," King said.

Obama has called for a rigorous investigation, and said he would be angry if the allegations proved to be true.

Last Thursday, 11 Secret Service agents were recalled to the U.S. from Colombia and placed on administrative leave after a night of partying that allegedly ended with at least some bringing prostitutes back to their hotel. On Monday, the agency announced that it also had revoked the agents' security clearance.

At least 10 U.S. military personnel staying at the same hotel were also being investigated for their role in the alleged misconduct.

Two U.S. military officials said they include five Army Green Berets. Both officials spoke on condition of anonymity about an investigation that is still under way.

One of the officials said the group also includes two Navy Explosive Ordinance Disposal technicians, two Marine dog handlers and an Air Force airman. The Special Forces Green Berets were working with Colombia's counterterrorist teams, the official said.

The agents and servicemen were in Colombia setting up security ahead of Obama's three-day trip to the port city of Cartagena for a summit attended by about 30 other world leaders.

People briefed on the incident said the agents brought women back to Cartagena's Hotel Caribe, where other members of the U.S. delegation and the White House corps also were staying. Anyone visiting the hotel overnight was required to leave identification at the front desk and leave the hotel by 7 a.m. When a woman failed to do so, by this account, it raised questions among hotel staff and police, who investigated. They found the woman with the agent in a hotel room and a dispute arose over whether the agent should have paid her.

While the identities of those being investigated have not been revealed, Maryland Republican Senate candidate Daniel Bongino told The Associated Press on Tuesday that his brother, an agent who was on duty in Colombia, is "cooperating" with the investigation. Bongino, a former agent himself, insisted his brother was not a target of the investigation.

The Secret Service has insisted Obama's security was not undermined by the incident, which happened before he arrived in Colombia.

In at least one of his briefings with lawmakers, Sullivan said he was calling on an inspector general to hold an independent review. Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, welcomed that news, saying an independent review "should help the agency regain some respect from the American taxpayers and from people around the world."

The Secret Service did not immediately respond to a request for comment about Grassley's account.

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According to John King on twitter:
Secret Service fallout: 26 year veteran retires after told would be fired. Newcomer resigns after told same. 20 year veteran to be fired.

Wonder what obama was doing that made these men think they could "get by with buying prostitutes"???

Strange story smell false flag

Nothing new with these "folks", they just happened to get BUSTED.   This just proves that no matter what level of secrecy or level of government secret service, men will always follow their *member*  LOL 

Maybe Obama was having the "ultimate time away" and this is only a cover... who knows ...

I would love to hear an interview from the women involved but I'm guessing they are in hiding.


Here is a short convo. with one of the women involved .. Link

Thanks B,

Interesting, yet one would have to wonder why these secret service "men" would quibble over an agreed price, knowing the possible consequences in such a situation.   Money wouldn't be a concern, as this is nothing more than petty cash.   I do have to wonder what the "larger picture" is.

Mainstream is really jumping all over this, as is late night comedy, which raises a red flag for me.   

Keep us posted and let's hope that the TRUTH rears it's ugly head for a change.... LOL


My thought exactly! Suspicious lot aren't we! lol

If it wasn't for me questioning everything a few years ago, I would still be sucking on the tube of toothpaste hanging off every word mainstream news tossed my way.   (Dreadful thought)!

I question everything --- well those in authority, government, corporation, media, medical, education, hmmmm....  ;o)

It's about our own due diligence.... time consuming, but well worth it.

Yes, similar story here Diane. No toothpaste for me, just good old honest bicarbonate of soda :) Spare me the fluoride!

Yes that looks like the way of the illuminati. Always speaking about sexe to hide something much more important.

Strauss-Khan, accused of rapt, the day before he was due to meet Kadhafi to make on use to the entire Africa the golden dinar. Which was against the will of Obama.

Jackson who wanted to quit the "music corporation" was accused of pedophilie and when he wanted again he was killed.

Merah linked with the secret police in France suddenly killed 6 persons a slim person when a woman saw a big man with blue eyes Merah had dark eyes..

So for those people who are in secret mission, already behing womenasing seems to me false.

I still feel this is a cover-up smokescreen to distract from something else . . . . .

The same deelean

Funny to read that she is an escort not a prostitute lol


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