6.9 Earthquake Bonin Islands, Japan

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Holy Cow!
TOKYO – A 6.9-magnitude earthquake has hit Japan swaying large buildings in the center of Tokyo.

The earthquake hit Tuesday afternoon, centered off the country's southern coast, Japan's meteorological agency said.

There are no immediate reports of damage or injuries.

The agency said there was no danger of a tsunami.
Holy crap! I hope people are OK, I have been to Japan and the private common homes are very flimsy...
Magnitude lowered to 6.6 .. still no reports of injuries or damage forthcoming.
Isn't Japan about 13 hours different in time than the US? Maybe communications are down?
Astrotometry & thebarcaroller on YT both predicted a magnitude above 6.2 for the 30th.

The Rsoe site also seems to indicate 2 separate quakes - 2 minutes apart. (6.6 then a 6.9) but USGS only lists 1 at a 6.6.
Makes you wonder....
You're a very wise woman Cathy
Cathy; That information is amazing. What is the Rsoe site... I wonder how things are now going in Japan. My heart sure goes out to them.
Another @ UTC 04:05:14 Mag. 7.2 @488 km depth This one is also not listed yet on USGS as of 05:41 UTC/GMT 11/30/2010
Good "Digging" ya'll!
All is well .. no damage or injuries from what I can tell. Did the ufo's jump in to help stabilize the region?


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