Controversial Newport Tower – Built By The Vikings, Knights Templar, Freemasons Or Someone Else?


MESSAGE TO EAGLE – There is an intriguing stone structure in Newport, Rhode Island that has been a subject of great controversy and debate.

Standing in the heart of the city there is a 28-foot tower that is just as impressive as mysterious.

No-one knows who built the tower or when it was constructed. Several theories have been put forward. Some have suggested the tower was built by the Vikings. Others maintain it’s a legacy of the Knights Templar.

The tower has also been said to be the work of Freemasons. Native Americans, Chinese explorers andCelts have also been credited with the construction of the tower.Despite all guesses and speculations, many still think the tower’s existence is a real scientific enigma.

Newport Tower – Image credit: Wikipedia

According to the mainstream theory, the Newport tower was built in the mid-17th century. It was originally a windmill. In 1948, the Society for American Archaeology investigated the tower and scientists concluded that all artifacts discovered at the site were from the 17th century.


In 20018, forensic geologist Scott Wolter, established that the Newport Tower’s construction was completed long before Christopher Columbus reached the New World.

This conclusion was controversial and many scientists are still upset by Wolter’s theory.

When Wolter investigated the structure, he discovered that Venus alignments are captured in the tower, providing evidence consistent with medieval Cistercian/Templar construction practices that reflect, in part, their religious ideology.

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“The capturing of astronomical alignments of the Sun, Moon, and Venus in Western European standing stone sites and churches allowed the builders to use these structures as clocks and calendars, and for determining longitude (using solar and lunar eclipses) and latitude, “Frank Joseph wrote in his bookThe Lost Worlds of Ancient America: Compelling Evidence of Ancient ....


Historian Gavin Menzies argues that in 1421, Chinese sailors built the tower as either a lighthouse or an observatory. According to Menzies, at Newport the expe­dition commanded by Admiral Zhou Wen was forced to stop.

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