Tim Geithner - FORMER Secretary Of The Treasury
Timmie boy of the treasury lost his job and has been formally arrested. He has been replaced by a "Beverly" of the Treasury. He is outing out all his former buddies of the Nazis NWO, Banking Buddies and Obama. He is singing like a canary trying to get immunity.

The Chinese were instrumental in getting this done.

Wonder how safe O is feeling now?

A Patriot Of The Republic
John MacHaffie

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I have no first hand verification except to say that in a conversation at freedom reigns chat I was told that Minuteman has confirmed this and it is to be announced tomorrow. .. B.

"Beverly may be replacing Bernanke as head of the defunct Federal Reserve. To be clarified with an Announcement Friday."

wow really?? hmmmm

I know .. I'm at the hmmm stage too. Can't really accept it until someone of authority announces it. I sure hope it's true.

who would arrest them tho? that whole group in DC are corrupt. is there any way we can get more confirmation? this would be a cruel hoax don't you think?

i am at the hospital with my kiddo as he does his chemo round so i am searching the internet for anything to confirm this. nothing so far and i got some time to do it tonight. lol

I have been trying to confirm from other sources, but all I get is .. will be announced tomorrow. Geithner was said to have been arrested before. However .. he was released. Maybe now they have more info. .. I honestly don't know Laura.

Geitner gets arrested a lot lately.

Maybe you should have waited till Saterday ;)

Btw, minuteman is not exactly a source I would believe.

Thankyou for your suggestion Vonni, however I just report what's being said ... why would I wait until tomorrow? If this turned out to be true I think we would all like advance knowledge. Btw at no time did I suggest it is true. Most of my members realize John MacHaffie is not known for his intel. updates .. they rarely have any truth to them. I expect he may have simply seen the list of bilderberg attendees and realized these two well known names are not on it .. and did some speculating which he's good at.

Because tomorrow, which is today,  the whole thing ended up being nothing more than an lie of a person making a living out of it.. I prefer to wait a day and be sure.  After 3 times, people may not take anything serious anymore, that is the dangour of those kind of persons, and maybe that is exactly why they are out there?

Perhaps there is no necessity for YouRTubeNews at all Vonni as most of msm is lies as well? Anything I post is up to interpretation and everyone's own discernment. Your friday may well be over already in Spain, but we are just waking up on this side of the world.
As I stated earlier .. I do not say that anything I post from others is the truth ... that is for all to decide on their own. Will I continue to post questionable material from outsiders? .. of course. If you are not content with that .. I'm truly sorry.

  And I am sorry if you feel offended, that was absolutly not how I ment it, contrary!


No offense was taken Vonni. Just trying to explain why I post the things that I do and how it is up to everyone to investigate on their own and not take everything at face value. I'm with you on this being very lame intelligence .. or no intelligence at all. He is known for this type of report .. and in a way it helps us to realize that truth is within ourselves. If it doesn't ring true .. then it probably isn't true. :)
When the arrests start to happen .. I don't think we'll need John MacHaffie to tell us .. we will probably know long before him. But, that is just my own opinion and we all need to do as you do .. investigate for ourselves. Soon we will know who reports truth and who doesn't.
So just like I post channeling news and other non mainstream articles .. whether I believe them or not does not matter .. I post so we can all have as much info. as possible and make our own discerning judgement. After all in the end each of us must live with our own choices. Hugs .. B.


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