Donald Trump 2-10-17 message regarding currencies… “Very much sooner than [many] think… We will be all at a level playing field”

by Kauilapele

It appears that this was more pointed towards Asian currencies, but it may very well be related to what many feel is going to happen, namely, a GCR (Global Currency Reset) and/or the (in)famous, RV (ReValuation) of certain currencies. I was amazed to find it inthis video, so I checked out the WH YouTube page and found the complete press conference (with Japan PM Shinzo Abe) that contains the same information (but in much HIgher D).

The initial question is at 24:30, and the part about currencies occurs at 26:27. There is also a mention of Trump speaking with "various representatives of China" (Chinese Elders, anyone?) in there as well.

The video below begins at 24:30

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Posted this twice.  LMAO

Yes for a reason .. Kauilapele sometimes has another perspective or offers more info. :) 
You didn't reply to my question on the other post!! Do you think the currencies will all be gold backed?

I didn't get a thingy that you posted a comment.  NO!!!!!  BAZIL III compliant as all currencies will be valued based on that formula! 

Ning is slow sometimes in sending out messages .. thanks Sam

Still haven't got it.  There are two other jokers in the deck, Martial Law and restoring the republic.  I don't have clue where the GCR sets in that trifecta. 

Dang those jokers .. maybe Donald will throw them out of the deck and make Eights wild instead. :)

LMAO good one and arrest the queens.

Lol .. "off with their heads"!

Trump has zero control over this...

In a way you are right but he is daily communication with those who are and that is a fact.

I find it unsettling that a female voice was used as interpreter Her voice is shrill with an edge..I wonder if Trump got the same?  Doesn't work for me.


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