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Drake has had nothing new to say since day 1. Now he has a show to say nothing new. And then he takes a poll. I tried to listen to one of the shows and it's unlistenable. This is just like a TV sitcom that runs out of plots so it has a baby. Anyone else feeling this?

I disagree - he certainly threw us for a loop with his last show.  While I remain somewhat skepical, I'm going to continue listening and watching, at least until June 21 - after that we'll see.  With the news that a main bank in Spain closed their doors, and with all of the bank resignations/retirements, and all of the unexpected things coming out in the news now - like Clinton dissing Obama, Lanny Davis' comments about leaking secrets, etc. - you may recall Drake saying to pay attention to people saying things you wouldn't ordinarily expect them to say - I do believe there is credence to what Drake is saying.  While I would like a peaceful resolution and all of the thugs stepping down, I can't quite see this happening. 

WG, I'm just frustrated as many are, even more so since the Rand Paul endorsement of Mittens. My basic instinct is that Drake is a good guy.......we'll see.

Yeah, I was surprised at Rand Paul's endorsement of Romney, but remember in one of Drake's radio broadcasts he said to watch for things being said by people we wouldn't expect them from - Rand's endorsement of  Romney, Clinton's slam against Obama, Lanny Davis' comments about the security leaks by the White House - and there have been a few others, but I can't recall right now.  There is definitely something weird going on, but I am still on the fence as to whether it's the "plan" that Drake is talking about.  Hopefully, it will become more clear after today's broadcast.

Very true Grammie .. and I think we are all feeling our patience is getting stretched. Seems like everything is running in slow motion. All we can do is try to stay positive and keep our faith strong. I'm looking forward to today's show as well.

Thanks for the reminder B!

Not making a Judgement of whether the Man is good or bad , It would seem he is out for his 15 minutes of fame ... It went from people being arrested to taking a vote and now they are negotiating with the Cabal , as they have been called . No timeline , No details , Not even a outline of the plan that I have heard , He only seems to point out the different happenings taking place around the planet, which happen every year of every decade ... A good example of what I mean by that would be to look a the number of Scientist that are killed/ murdered in clusters in the different decades , We can each stand and make predictions , But , that doesn't mean we have any inside info like Mr Drake claims he does .. If , And I say If , He is telling the truth , That is great , But then again , What is he really telling ??..  When this all started he said he was just a messenger , if I'm remembering that right , Now he is one of the key players in making dissensions and running the show .. Sorry if I seem negative , I just prefer people who play things straight up ..


I understand your point of view Richard. I have thought about this a lot as well. I doubt very much that Drake is looking for fame at his age .. he could write a book or do something a heck of a lot less stressful.
He was asked to be a go-between. A presenter to the people. Someone who could help to get the people aware of the situation and prepare them for what's to come.
I never expected him to "out" his sources, because he made it clear he couldn't .. and I completely understand this. After all he is known to have been in contact with David Hutzler who was shot along with his son in what is being investigated as a possible murder. Their home being set on fire as well. He had released pictures of the original FR boxes containing trillions of dollars worth of U.S. bonds.
This is what happens when you try to shine a light on truth in this world.
I think Drake himself is in a precarious situation. For now, instead of disbelieving or finding fault, I am content to wait. My senses tell me many changes are going on that we are not aware of whatsoever. If nothing else Drake is helping to wake people up to what's going on .. and when enough are awake things will just automatically happen. When there is no place left to hide the truth will be out. Hang in there!


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