Dutchsinse: 6/10/2012 -- Clear Day, No Clouds or water vapor = HAARP ring / Circle Sweep storm from nowhere

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I follow Dutch, and he is always accurate - unlike our local weather reports and the Weather Channel.  Does everyone know that in 2008 NBC Universal, Bain Capital, and Blackstone bought the Weather Channel - enough said!

What he's reporting here is downright nasty. How and why would they want to impact an area with high winds and storms if not to cause anxiety, distress and possibly death?

I'm wondering if there really is a weather war ongoing between the US, China, Russia - I've read much about the horrible Japan earthquake and tsunami being deliberate - I don't think our HAARP is the only weather modification going on - but the question is who is attacking the US if not our own government??


High winds, storms, fires, floods - look how bad the fires were in TX for so long, yet in other areas of TX there was flooding - I do believe HAARP is steering these storms - also, the New Madrid area was continuously pelted with storms and the MS River had a lot  of flooding.  Many of us here in S KY were fearful of it being a deliberate act to cause the New Madrid to go off again.  The evil that exists in our government is so horrendous - I pray that Drake has good news today, and these evil ones will be stopped once and for all.

I feel he has caught someone with their hand in the cookie jar.  But whose hand is it?  And why?  Bet he doesn't even know who to ask.  Heep'm honest Dutch!!!


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