Help Solve This! Mysterious Camera's Appear Upon Utility Poles Along Roadways

At least half a dozen boxes that apparently contain cameras have been hung on utility poles in St. Lawrence County, and in at least in one case, without authorization.
The Massena Electric Department recently removed one of the boxes from a pole it owns.
The cameras, in substantial light gray boxes mounted on the sides of poles, reportedly have been spotted in Massena, Norfolk, Norwood, Raymondville, Waddington, Canton, DeKalb Junction, and in Malone, too, according to Michael Jay of Norwood.
Jay said even extreme close-up photos reveal no identifying markings or statements of ownership.
An engineer familiar with security camera technology said the cameras appear to be equipped with air conditioning and heating units. An antenna at the top of the box suggests radio transmission of images or other data.

Andrew McMahon, supervisor of the Massena Electric Department, said one of his crews spotted one on a pole in their service area, hanging “in the electric space and dangerous, mounted without our authorization,” and took it down.
He said he did not know the origin of the camera box, but said he thought it was “probably the feds, but that’s a hunch.”
State Police Lt. Kevin Boyea of Troop B said he has no knowledge of the cameras, their origin or their purpose. A spokesperson from National Grid had not yet responded to a request for comment by the time this story was posted.
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Big Brother, Spying

"Probably the Feds"  is unacceptable.  I hope they persue this to  find out the truth.  Taking them down might get a quick response.


Seems they never thought of the idea of sabotage. lol

Close to an invitation to anyone hating them.

If they are not legal, then nor would it be illegal to do anything to them.

I would hang a picture of a ufo in front of every single one - so that is all they saw.  They would soon come out and investigate and then you could stake the poles out and catch them.  You know, find out who put the cameras there.



Good idea lol.  I would go along at night with a ladder and tool set and just remove one, take it home, dismantle it and find out if there are any markings inside the box.


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