Seems no one is immune from the tender mercies of the TSA pat-down. First, we learned that Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), the chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, was subjected to a handsy search. And now we learn of the latest high-profile search-ee: former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger.

Yeah, the guy who was once an advisor to presidents, the one who helped negotiate the end to the Vietnam War...and, oh yeah, he’s got a Nobel Peace Prize.

But not, apparently, in his pocket.

Kissinger, who will be 89 this month, was spotted on Friday at LaGuardia airport in New York, getting routed to the pat-down line while going through security. Freelance reporter Matthew Cole recognized him — something the TSA agent checking identification did not.

After asking Kissinger his name as he passed through the scanner, the agent sent him to be searched. Kissinger was in a wheelchair, Cole tells us, not because he couldn’t walk, but because, Cole surmised, it was a long walk to the gate. In the search area, Kissinger was subjected to what Cole called “the full Monty” of the usual groping. “He stood with his suit jacket off, and he was wearing suspenders. They gave him the full pat-down. None of the agents seemed to know who he was,” he says.

But the security sweep didn’t seem to put the Kissinger in a foul mood. Once settled into his flight to Toronto, Kissinger asked the aide travelling with him to find out what was being served for breakfast. Informed that it would be ham and eggs, Kissinger asked his associate if he could locate an alternative meal. “But do they have any schnitzel?” he inquired.

That seemed to be less a genuine request and more of an inside joke, Cole said, since the aide and Kissinger both laughed.


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The longer I look at this the funnier it gets.  Thanks for the chuckle.

Why is this traitor even allowed on US soil?

Yes and he is for de population.  He, and George Soros and the rest of the commies need to de populate themselves, so we Americans can get our Republic on track.

TSA FINALLY Catches an International Terrorist, But then Lets Him Go!!!!

WAR CRIMINAL!! Should be arrested and charged with a life time of crime!! Do me a favor... Don't try to make him look good by talking about the corrupt nobel peace prize... THE GUY IS A WAR MONGER!!

And he can stay out of Canada - we don't want you here!!!

The funny thing is they didn't know who he was lol Karma's a B-Tch isn't it!


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