Our website is closing.
I think we've had a great run having opened in March of 2009. Sometimes the news just gets a bit stale after a while! Perhaps we all need a break from it? I've seen a lot of headlines pass by me over the years but very little major changes other than political nonsense. :) 
I'm tired and definitely need a break from it. We will stay open to fulfill our obligations until at least the end of August .. perhaps a bit longer. I will not be collecting any donations after today. I also will not be deleting any members.  
I do believe change is coming for all of us, but it's impossible to put a date on it until all of the clutter that's affecting our lives daily is sorted through. It could be next week, next month or 10 years from now, but we thrive on change and it will come when "it" and "we" are ready for it. Now that will be exciting! 
I'm going to keep this short, but I have to tell you how thankful I am for each of you. We've been like a family and I will miss that part of it for sure. Thankyou for all the kindnesses directed my way over the years and for the many donations .. I appreciate you all very much. I'm sure our paths will cross again in the near future. I need a break, but I'm sure I'll be back. Much love, Bridget 

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Hi Bridget, I am sorry to see you go, but I do understand your frustration with all of the problems etc.  However, do you plan to keep the WordPress site alive?  or are you retiring altogether?  Larry Newman

Thankyou Larry,
I'm undecided on that at this point Larry, but I'll let everyone know soon. I will look at my options and the cost to keep it active. I know we have a large quantity of data that would be lost however most of it is accessible on other sites. 

Hi Bridget,

Fully understand your decision.  Your website has been indispensable for me since I found it, so thank you many, many times over! You definitely deserve a break from the constant lack of funds, and the work involved in keeping up with YOURTUBENEWS.

Take care, you have def done your part in the expansion of consciousness!!! I believe good changes are coming too.....


I do hope I've made a difference to some Pamela and if I have then it makes me very happy. Thankyou for your kind words. Yes indeed we are on the road to a better world! I'm sure we all feel it coming. :)

Bridget----you will be terribly missed.  We do understand your decision and fully support it.  Sometimes this kind of shock will wake some folks up and regenerate the support from those who have been too lax  (let someone else support the site).   Take care of yourself and we hope to see you return soon healthy and full of pep.  Marty & Jeri

Thankyou Marty & Jeri .. you have been on our website for a very long time. We'll see you again soon I'm sure. :)

I understand your frustrations and fully support you
The whole news scene is undergoing a change. I would
sincerely Love to see you strong on the other side of
this. I am hoping for good news soon that may affect
The outcome of things.
As always wishing you well.
Thank you for all you do your much appreciated...

Thankyou Lauren .. yes, we could all use some good news soon! Please share when you hear. :)

Bridget, I feel sad and understand your move. I was surprised that the last months, it was like nobody was active anymore on the site, no comments on the placed news, and even I post a comment no reaction on my comment, it was a bit weird sometime, like nobody was alive anymore. I wish you a great and deserved rust, a kind of Time Out.

Thanks Roberto .. I know it's summer and many are taking holidays with their families, but yes I noticed it too. Don't you think too that it's just the way things are going right now regarding the news .. I think people are tired of the fake news and false flags and rantings of the msm. It's getting so old it's become boring. I felt a change coming .. and I'm sure I'll be back at some point. 

yes Bridget, we are in a transition cosmic window, passing through a kind of filter. I was also filtering the article, a lot are out to sensation or very superficial stuff. I think its a time out to go deeper inside and feel the strong love energy coming into our solar system, the event is almost here and soon we will from a day to another live free again, because all darkness will be disolved by the Divine Light. And for sure our path will cross again, it always have be.

Saddened I am to hear of your news however I fully appreciate the comment about it all becoming stale.  I find it difficult to have any interest in most of the info now.  We are diving down the same holes time after time and expecting a different outcome.  The story lines are more of the same. 

Our world is changing fast and we only see what is convenient to our personal paradigm.

The dog and pony show we call politics is laughable.

The ET talk is more of the same - talk peppered with some truth, but folk would rather see aliens than the reality of military technology that has been unleashed on spaceship earth.

Almost everyone we watch is being propagandised and frequently those leading are being turned on by their own communities (like Snowden/Assange).

Those running Alt Media shows are literally taking electromagnetic hit after hit.  Their lives go on the line for a seemingly ungrateful or quick to turn audience.   When they get sick they are written off as paranoid or simply written off period (Rad Chick) - Christina Consolo now wheelchair bound and having to watch her family pay for it also.

We shout about the 'coming cashless society' and then use paypal and all digital forms of money to raise funds (supporting it).

We warn people of the dangers of the new technology aka wireless computers/phones and then keep them distracted all day by offering them more material to 'get lost' in, keeping them chained to the number one killer in our homes (wifi modems).
We put out information that is questionable every single day and often we KNOW it's propaganda but continue to do so, because the sources are the ones we are comfortable or familiar with.

Every time we hit a like, someone out there is collecting our data to sell to another invisible company for profit.  Everything we watch, everywhere our digital footprint lands is being recorded in not only the NSAs data banks but in fact in multiple stations around the world.

Once you know the water is poisoned, the air is poisoned, the food is poisoned then there really is only one thing to know after that - how to clean up the pollution our basic needs. This requires ACTION but still we sit an let the blue screen (that is turning us blind) woo us into a false sense of security.  The most valuable information on these sites is the health and gardening arena... oh but I hear you all cry HOW BORING!  Time for some truth - the new age agenda created to confuse, dis-inform, stop us from action, and keep us separate from each other, humans are not the top of the food chain, your fear/stress is being harvested giving your power power to vultures... I could go on and on but we must realise we are creating our reality from the frequencies and vibrations that we absorb every day.   Most of us here have a safe place in our heart where we can view this material but only because we worked through a lot of pain to find it.  we forget that the newbees aren't as solid in their own hearts and often have little tolerance to help them catch up.  We call our fellow sleeping human beings words such as zombies and sheeople, creating exactly that vibration for them to exist in.

We all know the space fence surrounds us, AI is ready to take over and everything we do digitally is watched, processed and regurgitated by the same machine... why hand over our data in conscious apathy.  The same apathy that we accuse our fellow sleepers of having.  We join Facebook, YouTube, Skype knowing our most private thoughts are being collected.

Personally I do this work because I have friends and soul family that I love.  There came a time in my journey where I was challenged to put my money (and I had none at the time) where my mouth was.  Suddenly what was important became abundantly clear.  We can spend out time lighting others paths, but don't forget to nurture yourselves and your families. Don't wish to have a garden producing, just get in up to your balls and do it. Don't play victim when the back aches from to many hours sitting at a screen, when reality and solutions can be (and are) in  your own back yard.  I discovered I could create a 'safe place' literally.  We now have a home that is refuge to innumerable awake travelers and the ever increasing sick populations coming from a system that sickened them and then rejected them.

Reality - if we all took just one person into our homes and hearts, genuinely loved them, fed them and empowered them to continue their path, we all would be in a much better space.

You have done this virtually Bridget, given many people a home, a safe place to connect and for this we thank you.  You are a wonderful soul to donate all your time to drudging through endless propaganda and somehow navigating it well enough to find some truths.  There comes a time when self nurture is necessary. 

I am sending you all the love in my heart, I give you a thought and thanks every morning and every evening and will continue to do so whether your site stays up or not.  You have lit up a dark corner of the coast and your lighthouse will still show the way long after your physical vibration leaves.

You have done what you came here to do, you woke up and slapped a few people into line beside you.  What is done from here is the real stuff - EXCITING to take another step albeit into the unknown.  You are a warrior and at the coalface and I don't imagine this move will change that.  What ever you empty out will be filled again with something new.  Be sure that you are ready for this higher vibration my friend.

Ka kite ano and thank you for being.

♥ rose

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