Our website is closing.
I think we've had a great run having opened in March of 2009. Sometimes the news just gets a bit stale after a while! Perhaps we all need a break from it? I've seen a lot of headlines pass by me over the years but very little major changes other than political nonsense. :) 
I'm tired and definitely need a break from it. We will stay open to fulfill our obligations until at least the end of August .. perhaps a bit longer. I will not be collecting any donations after today. I also will not be deleting any members.  
I do believe change is coming for all of us, but it's impossible to put a date on it until all of the clutter that's affecting our lives daily is sorted through. It could be next week, next month or 10 years from now, but we thrive on change and it will come when "it" and "we" are ready for it. Now that will be exciting! 
I'm going to keep this short, but I have to tell you how thankful I am for each of you. We've been like a family and I will miss that part of it for sure. Thankyou for all the kindnesses directed my way over the years and for the many donations .. I appreciate you all very much. I'm sure our paths will cross again in the near future. I need a break, but I'm sure I'll be back. Much love, Bridget 

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thanks for the trak Rose, love the lyric, really enjoy it

Wow Rose .. such praises can't be for me? I hardly feel deserving, but am comforted by your kind and generous words. It's been a long and frightening road for many of us in our wakeup to the real world. When I woke up way back when I was stunned for 4 or 5 days .. then I knew I had to do something. The first few years was all youtube videos and then several forums before landing here. It's been a long and tiresome road, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. Being awake is being alive and indeed I do hope I have more to offer eventually. Now, for a short time will be a time for me. Then back at it no doubt. Thankyou for enhancing my website with your knowledge and your charm throughout the years. I will listen with enthusiasm to your guys new track .. many thanks. ... Much love, B. 

I'm sorry to hear your website is closing down. It's been a pleasure to be a part of this group for the past 6 years. This website introduced me to the alternative media which was a breath of fresh air to hear educated and unbiased opinions of major headlines. There certainly has been a huge change in the world since the turn of the millenium with 9/11 and the rapid uptake of technology. Donald Trump's coined phrase "fake news" has left no doubt that we can't believe all we hear, and we need to use our own eyes and minds to find the truth.
Thanks once again for the time and effort you've put into the website, it has been very much appreciated. Maybe after a break you will be keen to bring back a revamped website. If so, I will definitely be a part of it. Good luck Bridget to you and your family for the future, and well done for the hard work and passion you've put into this website to help keep us informed and enlightened.
Carolyn xx

Thankyou Carolyn :)

"I need a break but I'm sure I'll be back." That I can live with. Catch you later.
This has been my 'go to' website and I will miss it for sure. You have been of great service. Thank You for all you have done.

Thankyou MarieLynne and you have been one I have looked up to as being highly advanced in your awakening process. I have always looked forward to your responses to certain posts and your ability to see things that many don't. I'll miss that too .. and a big thankyou!

I'm sorry to hear that you are closing the website Briget but I do understand where you are coming from. I think What Rose said about 'diving down the same holes and hoping to get a different outcome' is where it seems to sum it up to me. I know there is a lot going on but it seems to be tangled up with so much disinformation, it's almost impossible to see anything. Over the years, I've seen so many of the alt news stories bite the dust and now I find it hard to put energy into any of it. The whole 'cabal is on its last legs and gasping its last breath', I hope is true, but frankly it looks to me like business as usual. I don't think I'm alone in becoming more of an observer. I've also noticed the lack of activity on the posts and I think it maybe just where we are all at ATM. I have really valued being a member of this website and have appreciated being able to 'tune in' every morning to see the latest news, I will miss it very much as well as being a part of this small online community. Thank you so much B for all you have done and I hope we can all come together again at some time in the future. Much love and light to you and your family. I wish you all the very best for the future. Sheerie

Thankyou so much Sheerie .. all the best to you and family as well. :)

I'm sorry to learn this message. I think it's all for my sake. The Feds used to shut down all communication routes on their target when they are going for a big operation. I'm the target. 

It proves what I revealed in my messages are true, they are afraid of it. One thing similar is they banned me to Facebook 20 days ago where I posted in dozens sites. 

972. Facebook does police job (7/28/2017)

I have been blocked to post in face book since 7/21. When I try to enter the face book site, The page show a request

[quote] Upload A Photo Of Yourself
Please upload a photo of yourself that clearly shows your face. We'll check it and then permanently delete it from our servers.
Choose File
Continue [/quote]

It seems Facebook is collecting information of members' face. I don't want to give my photo to Facebook, then it gave another choice: to identify two photos which it said were my friends. I don't know these people. It gave me only two choices:

[quote] Choose a Security Check
How do you want to confirm your identity?
Identify photos of friends
Upload a photo ID [/quote]

It's like a police check on criminals. I don't know if others have same problem. Or is it a special work just on me by the surveillance team? To ban me post in Facebook.

There will be a new plot in August. The Home owners Association has a meeting two days ago. The Feds used to use it as a tool to inspect residents' home.

973. August plot (8/2/2017)

In the end of July, China got two of their most wanted fugitives.

[quote] One of China's 'most-wanted' fugitives returns after 19 years in U.S.
Reuters 7/31/2017

One of China's "most-wanted" overseas fugitives turned herself in on Monday after spending 19 years in the United States, the anti-corruption agency said.

Huang is the 43rd on the list to have returned to China since the operation was launched, the commission said in a statement on its website.


[quote] China says one of its 'most wanted' fugitives now in custody
Reuters•July 29, 2017

SHANGHAI (Reuters) - Ren Biao, one of China's most wanted fugitives accused of forgery and fraudulently obtaining loans, has returned to the country and handed himself over to the police, the graft watchdog said on Saturday.

Ren's name was on a 2015 list of China's 100 most wanted corruption suspects living abroad and targeted with an Interpol red notice. He is the 42nd of the 100 to be returned to China, the CCDI notice said.


Since each time the Feds planned a framed case, they used to collude with Chinese secret police. As a routine, China used to get a small confirmation payment from the U.S.. This time they got two. It's unusual. It may mean they made it a big one. I have been blocked to post in Facebook since last week. It must be part of that plot.

Christopher Wray is confirmed as new FBI director 8/1. It is not a coincidence. I think he is chosen for my case. To frame me and people know my story in a case, they need some one to perform planting and unreasonable search and arrest. Wray will take the responsibility.

974. Prepare for a gas leaking (8/9/2017)

On 8/3, a P.G.& E engineer truck drove in my lane. A worker changed the gas meter of my house. I saw him checked my neighborhood but my house was the only one he had worked at. He left hurriedly after I asking him why there was no notice in advance. I called p.G.& E that night. The operator confirmed there was a meter change that day but she didn't know why. Billing is normal. I allege that was an operation of the Feds. They could have installed some device in that new meter which may cause leaking to their control. Three months ago P.G.& E had a commercial in TV Chinese channel to apologise for deaths caused by gas leaking explosion six years ago. Now they are in action. It can be an explosion murder or an unreasonable search in the name of gas leaking.

Re: 958. Create a gas explosion (4/28/2017)

Started from April 20, for nearly a week, PG&E had a commercial broadcast in TV channel KTSF26. In the commercial, PG&E apologized for the gas explosion in San Bruno six years ago. What made PG&E to remind public of a tragedy six years ago? Since the Feds have a tradition to intimidate people openly in media and the strong vibration of the ground I have felt nearly a month until now, I think the Feds may have plotted a gas leaking explosion by acoustic weapon. Four weeks ago, I wrote "954. Damage water pipe? (4/1/2017)", thought the use of acoustic weapon was to damage the water pipe, the PG&E's commercial proves they have other purpose.

Beware of a gas explosion in North San Jose near Milpitas.

About San Bruno gas explosion. I talked about it four years ago:

770. Drill in “Boston bombing?and “Texas explosion?(5/7/2013)


There is a Pacific Gas and electricity terminal near Milpitas Library. I am impressed by the huge pipes on the ground which is several blocks away from the library. I passed by that site sometimes when I go to Wal-Mart after leaving the library. It reminds me of the massive natural gas explosion that killed eight people and destroyed an entire neighborhood in San Bruno, CA, on Sept. 9, 2010. I think The Texas fertilizer plant explosion was created to justify an Utility gas explosion in Bay Area for a murder purpose.

As for TV commercial intimidation, see "815. TV commercial intimidation (2/8/2014)"

Further Update: 
Thankyou to those of you who have emailed and expressed your desire for me to continue with the website. It was not an easy decision for me to make, but the website will be closing at the end of this month. My last day for posting the news will be Aug. 29th as I will be going away for a few days at that time. The website will remain open for a few more days after that. 
At this point I am unsure what my future ambitions are. I think I need to have some time off before I consider my options. It's been a long road to this point for me.
Right now where I live we have endured 45 days of smokey skies and high temperatures with no rain. They are calling for 1 mm. tomorrow and that's it! I'm not holding my breath for it as our forecast has promised it before - and what will 1 mm. do anyway? lol. 
My eyes are burning and my lungs are sore from coughing. We really need a break! So you can see it's hard for me to concentrate on the future at this time. 
I do know for certain that in time I will be continuing the fight .. either via another website, videos or? I will notify all members via email when I decide. 
Unfortunately I don't have another website to suggest to you at this time, although there are many to choose from. Depending on what you want to hear about I suggest following that blog or many different blogs as well as adding all of your favourite video makers on youtube. That way you will be informed when they upload new content. That's pretty much what I do and why I have several hundred emails per day in my inbox. 
Thankyou everyone again .. have a great weekend. .. Bridget xoxo

To my knowledge, there is no other website that does what you do. I think that is why you will be missed so much. I've been to a lot of sites that are good at what they do but this is the only one that has an unbiased view of where we are at. And community. And Briget :). No, there is not another site that you could suggest that would be half what you have provided here. I will be looking forward to when you kick off again in whichever direction you choose to go and waiting for that email of invitation to join. Rest up B <3


Welcome August

Our website is closing. We are no longer accepting new members. Thankyou

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