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And that is just what we know about.  It truly is frighting just how much and for how long we have been kept in the dark.  Just what little we know about the GCR/RV 99.9% don't know.  I wasn't always 100% behind discloser but I am now.  If you can't handle the truth/reality then there is a black pill for you.  That's a little harsh but it's all or nothing as far as I am concerned. 

I've heard it said that only 10 or 12% of the population are real people with souls. The rest are robots or ai of some kind and without souls. So my guess would be that only the awakened who are part of the truth movement are the real people who all want 100 percent disclosure to happen with a capital D. So let's have it.

I wish the Philadelphia prison story had merit, but I suspect it's another Sorcha Faal article meant to distort the facts and disrupt the real flow of news.


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