Kp Message 7-14-17… “Absolutely Flattening, these Energies Are…”

This is absolutely how I felt yesterday too KP. The only difference is I didn't have an ocean to jump into so I just jumped in the tub. lol ... B. 

by Kauilapele

That's how it has "felt" to me today. There were times when I was not able to even stand properly. Most of the time I was "flattened".

What did I eventually do to change things? I went to Hapuna. Went in the ocean. Stopped back at King's Shops Waikoloa on the way home, to rest and just be.

I'm quite sure a few others may be going through similar things right now.

There's almost no point in talking about it much more. Just seems to be the way it is, at least off and on, as the energies continue to "ramp up".

I'd say, "Enjoy the ride", but I barely have the energy to write these few words.

Aloha, Kp

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