Medical Insanity: Australia is a hostile and "costly" place for anti-vaxxers

A tough medical dystopia is forming in Australia as the tyrannical government strips the people of their right to refuse vaccinations. The prime minister's "No Jab, No Play" policy is a direct attack on crucial health freedoms.

If you live in Australia and want to exercise your right not to vaccinateyour kids, you’d better be prepared to pay for that privilege. Parents who don't vaccinate will lose at least $14 per week...

And to top it off, Australian children are already being denied medical treatment if their immunizations are not up to date.

Read the rest of the story here.

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What is not mentioned here is that Prime Minister Turnbull and his wife profit financially from this decision. How long before the elderly are forced to get flu shots or lose their pension? One way to clear out the excess baby boomers. The worst thing is though is the mentality of the majority in the pro Vaxxer community who viciously attack anyone who is questioning the safety of these procedures and demand the right to choose be over ridden.


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