I believe Kerry Cassidy may have plans of interviewing Michael Lee Hill soon and this will let you know what that will be about. It's a really interesting video. Some may have heard of this already. 
Michael's video reports of UFO's on Lake Erie go back to 2006 and possibly long before. These are still being reported today as in this video below from this month. You can read a lot more on Michael's reports here.

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It's much more than UFO's .. it's about bloodlines, Michael's famous father, the Annunaki, and a lot more.

I am fascinated with this subject for several reasons. The foremost one is that I also have been told that my CK enzyme levels were extremely high and that my doctor could not find a reason for it. In fact this happened about 7 years ago and my doctor even called in other consulting doctors at the time and they agreed they wanted to give me a brain scan. I had some weird misgivings about having this done .. not sure why now, but I decided instead to change doctors. 
Since then I haven't had it mentioned to me again .. so I'm not sure if I still have it or not. I am going for a complete blood testing again in January and I notice I am being tested for this again as well. I'd be interested to know if any others here have this as well??? 
I did go through a period of stomach bruising (for no apparent reason) around the time these high levels showed up ... not sure if that is significant or not. I'm also not sure if this could be related to my thyroid problems. My doctor's on holidays until January, so I guess I'll have to wait until then to ask my questions. Any doctor's in the house? lol.

I'm going to have blood tests done next month also.  I will ask to have my ck enzyme checked too as I also have a thyroid problem.  I feel I am getting close to maybe having to have it removed as I am taking .225 mg of levothyroxine.  I guess that is a rather large dose.  Don't know for sure.

Ohh ... I take synthroid 100 mg. .. I'm not sure of the difference Sam. I take fairly low levels, and have attempted to go off of it altogether a few times, but got deathly sick after a few weeks. Also got my fingers slapped by my doc .. who said I can expect to be on this for life. Ugh!

Same here.  I just quit taking it and didn't feel any different than I did while taking it.  When I told the doctor this he too went through the roof.  "What are you trying to do kill yourself?"  Told me the samething.  Then I got really mad at him for not telling me that I would be on this stuff for life before he put me on it.  Put me on it in the first place to help with weight not thyroid.  Didn't help.  Levothyroxine is the genric for synthroid.  I take double plus as to what you do.

Maybe it's just a "big pharma" money maker ... but the pills aren't that expensive! .. but taken for life, I guess it could be a nice little money grab.

Thyroid medications are one of the most prescribed drugs in the world.   Two major causes of thyroid dysfunction are

1) fluoride

2) acidic diet (not PH balanced) the body works overtime trying to maintain a 7.35 PH level and it uses precious minerals, such as calcium & iodine, which supports the thyroid.

I too am on Levothyroxine for life at 1.37 MG and also take high doses of iodine. 

Thanks Diane ... Question - Have you had any UFO/Alien encounters? 

No never --- but now that I've moved to a rural area, I keep my eye to the sky every chance I get.    I would welcome such an event.      I am between Lake Erie and Lake Ontario on high ground and enjoy the night skies, but nothing out of place just yet.   I have to admit I haven't seen stars and planets so bright in my life  ;o)

Oh my old stomping grounds ... I'm from your area too. Beautiful country .. and yes, great view of the skies too, especially if you're away from the cities.


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