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This is beyond criminal, we are on our own, EVIL controls most governments, banks, the UN and most Media! G_D help us!
It is frightening to see this Gary. I think we all realized something horrible was happening with Britney. How much of this goes on? I believe most of Hollywood is controlled this way. You are "used" .. if you agree to be a part of it all. You are "controlled". I believe we saw much the same in Michael Jackson and many others.
They are not allowed to break free. It's basically selling your soul.
I honestly prefer to think that we are being shown this at this time to allow those who aren't aware what is really going on. We must realize what is happening .. we can and will break free of this. It's in our power. We just have to stop going along with it all. We need to turn off the television and give up on Hollywood as long as it is being controlled. We need to give up on all things which control us. It is the only way to fight it and be well.
We need to reach deep inside ourselves to remember the way we are supposed to be .. and take back our powers. Stop allowing ourselves to be controlled.
It really is that simple.
Do you know if this program has been translated anywhere else into English? Unfortunately, I don't know any German. And....thanks, as always, for posting!!
No I'm sorry I'm not aware of it. I'm sure if someone has the time it could be translated via google translator. It wouldn't be perfect, but you would get the jest of it. Unfortunately, I don't have that time atm.
I heard about MK Ultra and Mind Control a long time ago, and it seemed too weird to believe it was true. I also bought Kathy O'Brien's book and the next day or so it just disappeared! so I never got a chance to read too much of it and I didn't buy it again. I think I know who threw it out, but not positive...
Why don't these "controlled" people go to the authorities it they think they're beng Programmed? Is it because once the programming starts it's too late or because the authorities are somehow corrupted? ARe they trying to program us all in some sort of general way, like with our food, chemtrails, and news reports? How are they getting to us on a larger scale?
We've all been controlled for ages Christine. Via television, mainstream media manipulation, war, banking, laws, taxes, etc. .. and that's only the beginning.
We are slaves to the beast. You may want to start with watching this video ..

I don't think they believe they have anyone to go to .. and that is probably why we see them step up to defend each other when "attacked" in the press etc.
Perhaps they are threatened.
I guess that's true. Maybe Obama is smart NOT to have a birth certificate!!! HAha
I'm think'n that charismatic children are being developed into the talents we enjoy being influenced by. They are tools used to capture our minds. And, it works does'nt it. We learn their songs, imitate their moves, watch them, repeat their movie lines, dress in their fashions. They are created to be used and exploited in every way. While we watch and imitate them, we are also being programmed. And, these people that we adore are suffering and miserable regardles of their fortune and fame. We are all in the same boat, mind controlled puppets.


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