I realize the problem with different time zones and recently came across this cool converter chart. I think it's much better than the map I had on the main page previously. I've added it to the bottom of the main page on the right hand side for easy access when you are needing to convert the times of certain programs to your local time. Hope this helps ... B.

This is what it looks like ... nice and simple :)

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That's really cool!

Thanks :)

great and useful

Yeah but it only covers half the day?

A little bit of math and you can figure it out. :)
Example .. if you are 4 hours different during the day .. it's the same at night.

Lol.  I think that's what Homer Simpson would call a DOH!! moment Brad ;-)

wow that is really helpful and thoughtful thanks b i'm always getting the times mixed up


Thanks Bridget - saved to Desktop.

Thanks :)

yes, thank you, bridget .... very useful little gadget!

I don't see UDC on here.  I think that is what it is called where the first minute of the day starts.


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