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Thanks Gil .. using ie instead of firefox ... will have to make adjustments. Please let me know of any other problems you see.

We were right all along is just the awareness has grown. It will be interesting t watch them flee again.

A good time to make arrests!

Champagne on ice!


lol! you crack me up!

Hé if really the white hats wants to get them it is easy there when they meet hop you cling them all

I bet you they will cancel their meeting. They should be followed everywhere. Those people have done so bad to this planete. Should be no more free

The concern is now though that they change the venue  because of the Occupy Bilderberg movement and the promotion of it.  Obviously the word to occupy will spread like wildfire but that also means the Bergers will also know that an occupy event is in the woodworks and so they may change the venue. 

Does this not concern anyone else?



The grandfather of the crown prince Willem Alexander from Holland, prince Bernhardt was the founder of the Bilderberg group created in 1951 just after WW2. The reputation of this prince Bernhardt is now well known and extremely disputable/colourful … bribery (Lockheed affair), power abuse (instigation military coup to overthrow Indonesian government), etc. etc…..and not to forget his  role in WW2 by the waffen SS. He belonged to the group of aristocrats after married Juliana, mother of Beatrix Queen of Netherlands till today and called “Black Nobilty”.
The Bilderberg group is considered aa a 5-th level organisation in comparison with much older and powerful establishments. By the last meeting in Barcelona 2011, the agenda leak out and they ware preparing the script for the WW3. Even they are not politician, they had a security estimated as 30 millions€ and national Spanish police security of almost 1000 man pay by the Spanish government with the taxes money.

interesting link and guest list of all invited elite. They are escapning from Europe, where they cant meet together in secret anymore, the reason why the next meeting ground is in USA.


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