One of our longtime members sent me an email that they are getting the following message when trying to connect to our site. Can anyone tell me what could be causing this? They are from the UK. .. thanks Bridget

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Server hashing passwords??

Is it only when they try to log in ?

(If access is blocked  use this for now,

Thanks I'll send that to them. :)

Thanks Gil .. I'll pass it along. :)

I had a similar problem where I had to use a proxy to gain access to a certain site, I finally resolved the issue by changing my dns configuration.

Thanks Dave .. will pass this along as well.

Two weeks ago I could not access YRTN for 2 days - Sat/ Sun - then back to normal.

No links worked - my Internet Explorer-google browser was okay everywhere else !

If I did a google search the underlined 'found' links would not work either.

I tried a restore back for 2 weeks - this problem was not at my end.


However, if I used the lower line google 'cached', then that would open the main YRTN page, but then again I could not open any link on that page, nor sign in.


You can be sure that Big Brother is 'testing' something !

Maybe the Live Traffic Feed monitor is involved, it spies upon and records ALL our activity here ! ?



I will try it Gill thx!

Hi all - it was me having the issues...... I have to say my suspicions seem to align with "z1zaz" comments below, as that is EXACTLY what happened to me (I also did a system restore late last night).  The days it was down (I could not access the site) was Friday/Saturday/Sunday .....

I had no trouble accessing any other site.... I generally use the Bing search engine, sometimes google and also tried Firefox ..... everytime,  Didn't matter what I used, just didn't work.  When I asked for  a site report - it flicked me to google (no matter what other search engine I was utilising) and gave me the "error message" that B posted.

More weird things too ..... text message trying to get my personal details late last week and a couple of days before that a phone call (message left on my phone) that had someone speaking a language I have never ever heard before.  None of the asian languages, no english, didn't even sound German or Russian.  It was extremely WEIRD.

Days before that I came across information on a site called CreationStarship and I tried some of the FREE healings and clearings ..... I felt so much ligther after the clearings ..... and happy - like childishly happy - giggly happy ..... within 2-3 days of doing them but NOT continuing to do them ..... is when all the weird stuff started happening.

Now I am not into fear mongering - but I don't think any of us are safe from interference.  Please don't get all worried and scared - just be extra mindful and a little bit more careful.


Hi PenG,

It seems that when you refuse to accept the psycho-social PTB's LIES, they act against you.

They monitor/ spy on every aspect of your life, and secretly file/ say things behind your back.

They let you know that they tail you, and they send cause stalkers in your direction, much like shill responders via YouTube !


Paranoia is the name of their game, but we must all be our honest, decent and true spirited selves, and let nothing cross our hearts or minds.

Their behaviour is illegal, but they believe themselves to represent the law, and this via their own example!!!!!


How sad is it, that supposedly loving and intelligent human beings can behave this way ?


Who knows what kind of society they think they are creating - full of fear and malicious rumours - for THEMSELVES too !


My YRTN outage started on a Friday evening after the automatic download of 'share' ning e-mails from Bridget.

I judged it to be ISP line related because two other computers would not access YRTN from here either.


Sad to say it - but the fact that we come under such attention means we do represent Truth !

I use Firefox and try to stay away from Google as much as possible !!

Firefox doesn't work well on my computer, so I use ie (google), but the main thing to remember when using google is to NOT stay signed in and not to allow google to keep your history. If you go to youtube for instance and sign in .. and in another window continue browsing google will collect all the places you go to while you are still signed in. I find it's best to sign out immediately after so you can't be tracked. Also, change your settings to not allow your history to be saved. So far no problems. :)

I will .. thanks Gil :)


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