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I have this to say about that.  I drove Anna when she brought the skull to Arizona.  I spent hours with her and the skull.  The way we prove or she proved that the skull had energy coming from it was we attached a needle to a piece of string and dangled it over the fore head of the skull.  NO way NO how could you hold that needle stills over the head,  I watched many try and no one could.  Anna said often that the skull had to be "activated" (which was mention in this hit piece) and she didn't know how to but believed it would take the other twelve skulls all being together for all of them to be "activated" at once.  Of course it wasn't turned on so it wouldn't show anything.  
Anna gave me a half hour with it alone to mediate with.  Gotta say I experienced images in my head and strange sensations as I held the skull in my hands.  Maybe I just wanted to feel something.
They never really said who or how this was done a hundred years ago.  I just plain don't know.


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