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These trucks would be very handy for transporting thousands of dead bodies to some crematorium,what?

Don't think it is anything like plowing down people or hauling bodies.  From a common sense point of view they would be a very  portable and unmovable barriers or blockades to any buses ,vehicles or people. 

They also could be used to transport police giving them a high vantage point and the steel beds would work as "armor" without bringing in armored military vehicles. 

A good choice if you are making plans against protesters. 

I agree with Religious Times.

Plowing down people or hauling bodies in Chicago, would awaken the selfish and sleeping mass! 

The ones that refuse to see, the millions of people getting murdered around the world, day in day out,  by wars, toxics, food and medicines, because, they are to busy with, " olé, goal, and amen". (Words from a person I respect deeply, but its in Spanish and no time to translate, but if anyone is interested, I will post it)

To me it looks like a cheap solution to a big problem.



Watch the movie Soylent Green,they scooped people up and loaded them in trucks !!!!

I finally watched this movie - it made me sick. I can't imagine they would make this part of school curriculum .. but that's exactly what they did. The movie came out in 1973 .. here is part of the review . ...

"In conclusion, ‘Soylent Green’ is a film that EVERY school (in both the US and UK) should have as a general viewing in some module on their curriculum. Not only is it a weird and forgotten science-fiction movie, it‘s somewhat educational too."

You can read the whole review here . .. and watch the movie if you like below ... 

It almost makes one think the movie was a form of mind control to encourage the remembrance of this movie at this time to the vast numbers of school children who would have watched it. I'm glad this wasn't adopted into the Canadian curriculum .. it's very disturbing.

I agree B.

Thanks for posting the movie, I didnt remember that movie.

Which I also find very disgusting and very disturbing!


I wont watch the movie, because I refuse to watch their perversion.

(I know they are more perverse than I can ever imagine)

They enjoy spreading fear.

For barricades indeed.

The only thing I got from watching  Soylent Green  was a strong  suspicion about artificial food, that and a  dislike of corporations and government. Perhaps I missed something?   It's a  long time ago.


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