Miami police shoot, kill attacker

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Gilly, I respect your opinion, and keep in mind people can't really help what they look like. Some are blessed, and others not so much. 

yeah Christl, me ?  not so much...  but at least I don't eat other's faces

LOL. I'm with you Frank.

maybe , it start as a love bite, and get to fanatic.....................

I know what you mean. Too bad some one got really hurt, ' cuz I can joke about this all day with you. Zombie apocalypse, Memorial day Batha Bing! No problem blessed one:) 

Interesting report.

He does not look like a Zombie. Stressed and  severely mentally ill obviously. People are naturally scared of being bitten by anything, let alone another person. I believe  biting someone  is assault with a deadly weapon in Florida. I hope that poor guy survives the attack.

Where exactly did this happen. Its scarey how a whole bunch of people can grow up in the same area and attend the same schools and have the same friends, yet one is secrety and totally insane and does things like this. You end up finding people buried in their basement under the floor. What is it that sets that one person off and sends them in this direction. Ive thought about that allot. Peoples basic makeup seems to be different right from birth. Some babies are collicky while others are just so sweet. But in that one something happens and you can never tell which it will be. They may be really sweet and quiet, but then you find out they werent who you thought they were.

Hello All.  I've been away for a few days.  Carol, I would like to comment on your question of "what is it that sets that one person off and sends them in this direction?"

Having suffered abuses at the hands of my parents I also wanted to know "what is it".

While growing up in the family home, my mother and siblings felt very strongly that something "dark" lived under the house.  We could'nt explain why, but we were very afraid of the basement.  After I moved away from the house and returned for a visit, I felt that the basement was no longer a threat.  Whatever had been there was gone. My mother and sister have validated this feeling.

Now I want to share a dream:  It's nightime and I'm standing in the bathroom of the family home. The rest of the family are asleep in their beds.  I want to take a bath.  I can see through the bathroom door that a grey smoke is traveling down the hallway from the garage door to the bedrooms.  It was intelligent and filled the space 30-36 inches above the floor(imagine a serpent made of smoke). I knew that this was an evil being going to the bedrooms to influence the others while they slept.  I yell from the bathroom, "GET OUT OF HERE".  At this point, I wake up.  When I settle down to sleep, I have a new vision : I am in the bathroom and the bathtub has been destroyed. I cannot take a bath."  I interpreted this as destroying my ability to "cleanse" myself of the negative energies.

A short while after having this dream, I read a book titled Angels and Demons, The Origins of Evil. There are descriptions of the demonic beings that were given to Enoch.  One of the demon forms is described as 3 foot high grey smoke moving along the ground.

Could it be that such beings influence humans while they sleep? Are they capable of possesing humans and causing atrocious behaviors?  Do they attack the"lightworkers" through family abuses to pollute them with negative energies, derail them spiritually, and sabotage their life purpose? I am convinced this is the case. As far as I can tell, this sabotage continues through all personal relationships until we wise up and learn the truth.  Humans are "tools" for good or evil.

sabatoge  and polute them with negative energy   

I think it has to be something very evil to cause a human being to attack another helpless soul as this one did. There is a picture of the victim that I won't post, but if you want to look you can view it here. I give a HUGE WARNING that this is very graphic .. it brought me to tears.

I will pass. The ex said he was mentally ill. So you think he was possessed? 

I don't honestly know Sis. It's definately not normal in any way .. so my guess would be something made him snap .. drugs, mind control, insanity? It seems surreal. And yet not that different than the mother who attacked her 9 yr. old daughter with a knife .. stabbing her in the back and head!! Just listed in forum.


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