As photo opportunities go it was heaven sent.
Ali Bain was walking through his local wildlife reserve with his camera at the ready when the clouds above him parted to reveal this dramatic 'fire rainbow'.

Appearing as a cascade of colour tumbling out of the clouds, the phenomenon lasted just 20 seconds before it disappeared.

But Mr Bain still had time to take this spectacular shot of the skies above Moray, in Scotland.

The rare fire rainbow was spotted at the River Spey in Moray by 61-year-old Ali Bain who was out for an evening stroll
He said: 'I was out walking my dog and took my camera because we were out on a wildlife reserve.

'Then I noticed an unusual rainbow in the sky. I had a good idea that it was something quite rare.

'It only lasted for about 20 seconds. I've been at sea for 42 years and have never seen anything like it. It was special.

I was happy that I had my camera with me.'

The optical marvel is formed by plate-shaped ice crystals coming together in high altitude clouds.

Although such fire rainbows are relatively common in the United States, they are a rarer sight in northern Europe where the sun less frequently has the required elevation needed for the phenomenon to occur.

Despite its nickname, however, scientists dispute that the cloud type is in fact a rainbow as they instead appear to form a halo-shape.

The amazing cloud type is caused by a unique combination of the sun's position and the shape of ice crystals in the air


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Has the Olympic colors in it!!!

Didn't something odd like this happen in China before a major earthquake?

Playing around with holograms???  HARRP???  Who knows what they are up to now!



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