The Washington Post: Tuesday's Headlines: National security adviser Michael Flynn resigns .. and more

National security adviser Michael Flynn resigns
The resignation comes amid reports that Flynn had misled Vice President Pence by saying he did not discuss sanctions with a Russian envoy. In his resignation letter, Flynn defended his conversations with the ambassador but said he had “inadvertently” briefed Pence and others with “incomplete information.” Keith Kellogg, a decorated retired Army lieutenant general, was appointed acting national security adviser.
Justice Dept. warned that Flynn could be vulnerable to Russian blac...
The acting attorney general informed the Trump administration late last month of her concerns, current and former U.S. officials said. They also said that although they believed Pence was misled, they couldn’t rule out that Flynn was acting with the knowledge of others in the transition.
Russian lawmakers rush to defend Flynn
Russian officials chalked up Flynn’s resignation to a dark campaign of Russophobia in Washington and said it would undermine relations between the two nations.

Upheaval is now standard operating procedure in the White House
Once dismissed as growing pains, the chaos that was one of Donald Trump’s trademarks in business and campaigning now threatens to plague his presidency, according to interviews with a dozen White House officials and other Republicans.

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