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Thanks b- I already voted on Ladydragon`s site!

me too :)

The NESARA agreement being posted has a problem. IF it is the real one. I remain uncertain that is the case, but assuming it is, the sales tax of 14 % is a no go. Expanding benefits and entitlements is a no go.

The income tax never applied to the people. The income tax applied to government employees, government contractors, and residents of the D.C. area and federal territories ...Guam, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and the northern Mariana Islands. No one in the sovereign states of the union working for wages was EVER liable for the income tax.  People volunteered into it and contracted to pay it unknowingly. The answer to the problem is to learn the law, not jump onto a different tax proposal.

The national government never was given the authority to tax the wages of the people. BUT, if you give them the authority to tax with a sales tax you will have approved the authority to tax the people. The amount of that tax and/or what it applies to will certainly change. Once you give government the authority or power it is quite difficult to ever take it back.

What served to keep government limited in size was their inability to tax the people. Giving them the authority to tax is giving them the power to enslave. If the people are ever going to be free they must learn the destructive nature of taxing the people. 

As for increasing entitlements or benefits that too is more power to destroy. The solution to the social security problem is to find a way to phase it out not continue it. That was never a program to help the people it was always a program for enslavement and destruction.  You cannot return to our founding documents and continue such programs. Social security is a form of limited liability insurance and is a tool of corporations. They used it to make you "subject to" corporate rule. 

Whoever drafted this NESARA was not totally on the side of freedom and limited government.

Extremely good points Paul .. good job! I emailed this to Drake .. perhaps he'll comment on it on Sunday.

Thank you Bridget,  already voted on Ladydragon`s site

My pleasure Roberto :)

before programs like social security, disability, and medicare--the severely ill and elderly who were not wealthy languished and usually died in "Poor Houses."  to return to that era is NOT progress or humane imo.  and without any taxes at all, our society would be a mess.  definitely not on the same page with some of ya'll in these respects.  but i DO agree that sales taxes are Not the way-to-go .... they penalize the poor Big Tim, since taxes on food & necessities represents a Much Bigger percentage of a poor or middle-class person's income than it does a wealthy person's.

To do nothing is allowing ourselves and our rights as private citizens to be taken away. We've already lost so much. Perhaps this can be considered a baby step .. I don't recall hearing that social programs would be taken away? Have you listened to Drake's broadcasts Barbara? There is a lot more going on than meets the eye. For instance the Kennan gold lawsuits, and more. Every citizen of the country would feel they were wealthy .. all income tax and bank charges would be returned to the people. New technologies would allow for new job creation. Taxes would be more at the local level and used locally for roads, hospitals etc. It's a big picture ... and hard to take it all in. The end result I believe will be to live without money, but look out for each other .. barter and trade what's needed. It's much more complicated than I have the time to write, but it's all included in Drake's videos. We need to do away with the big corporations that have been controlling the world.

i should have made it clear that i was responding mainly to Paul's comment, Bridget.  and if it's possible to create a "New World" where human greed isn't the overriding factor, then i can agree there may be no need for taxes or money at all!  Here's to that Hope!!!

Ok now I understand :)


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