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Odd. I thought that Iran doesn't have nuclear capability yet.  Now they do?  Surprise or lies?

"Iran will never instigate an attack. Iran has not attacked or invaded another country in over 200 years. Stack that up against the US and Israel and you will see, who might be the aggressor nation". Ask yourself:

Who benefits from this kind of information?

Agree. Information or disinformation?

Those who want to instigate WWIII, I would wager.  And it seems that it is only and old battle ship and a supply ship that aren't even armed that way.  It is most likely just for show.

Here we hear that the Geneva meeting to stop the killings in Syria has failed. Obama says he wants to attack Iran so they come......

You have got to wonder if this has anything to do with that news report on Senior Officers being fired over that secret nuke warhead transfer to the East Coast......  Instead of thinking Iran is playing on the opposite team. Country against country - perhaps they are working on the same side.  Just stop and think for moment about these Elites, the Cabal, the PTB (whatever you want to call them) and how they really work behind the scenes......They like us all to think countries are fighting against countries, religions against religions - but these puppet masters create all of this.  I seriously wonder if the two stories are linked.

Exert from article ....

A high level source inside the military has now confirmed to us that Dyess Air Force base is actively moving nuclear warheads to the East Coast of the United States in a secret transfer that has no paper trail.

According to the high level military source, who has a strong record of continually being proven correct in deep military activity, the Dyess Air Force Commander authorized unknown parties to transfer the nuclear warheads to an unknown location that has been reported to be South Carolina, where the warheads will then be picked up and potentially utilized....

Just remember those behind the curtain, those pulling the strings, those who have the ultimate power right now relish in and profit from WAR.   The next thing we MAY HEAR is that Iran does have nuclear warheads ....... and that is because the US secretly gave them to them.



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