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To the OCCUPY movement: YOU BEEN HAD

The Mid East revolutions have been orchestrated by Washington Watch :

Also.... Anonymous is just another paid opposition pushing us all towards the agenda of the elite.

Anonymous is not who we all think they are. Ever hear of the YT shill called Montegraph?

He is another puppet ....

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Elite Are Doing Terrible Things to Us

Never before in the history of America have citizens become so alarmed over the direction our nation is going. many have awakened to a new reality that an elite clique of super rich has taken control of what once was a constitutional republic. This criminal elite has rigged our election systems,jettisoned many of the protections afforded the citizenry in our Bill of Rights, and become the virtual dictators of our once, great country.

Banding together in an…

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Brief History of the Elite, Foreign Affairs, Branches to the Jewish Domination

BBrief History of the Elite

The two files, Elite_MEMBERS_by_Names, and Elite_MEMBERS_by_Country

contain 13,795 names of the members of the Bilderbergs (BB), Council on Foreign

Relations (CFR), Trilateral Commission (TC) and the Skull and Bones Society (SB) at

Yale University. Totals by group and the year that each group was founded are:

Groups & Year Founded: No. of Members:

Total of 13,795 members located in 58 Nations around the world.

Council on Foreign… Continue

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