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Watch this - Very Insightful and this must be Shared with the masses, especially those that love the movie trilogy "The Matrix".


And first, check out this short film about the Matrix, as per Plato:



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Got to have device for the hip-as-can-be zombie crowd!

Hey YourTube News readers, today I was gobsmacked not once but twice

How ludicrous is this EMR/ microwave world becoming folks?  All mums have witnessed a teen throwing a cellphone down their bra or in their hip pockets (frying their nether regions) and the fashion industry jumped on it and produced must…


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Whether the Weather

Those in the Montauk Project mainly were cultivated for their abilities, mainly psychic.  These were all sorts such as telekinesis,telepathy,clairvoyance,remote viewing, etc.  But, there were some lesser known abilities as well.  Here is one of mine and still somewhat active.  Either this would’ve come about naturally (I say, yeah right) or it was goosed out of me by my handlers. This is usually an advanced ability or so I’ve heard.  Guess not.…


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Montauk 1993 Trip Last Day

In the morning, I woke up dizzy, nauseous, and somewhat out of it. I also found that the door I had so carefully locked was now unlocked.  I saw my host at breakfast for the last time and she told me that she also felt dizzy and nauseous.  She told me that it was unusual for her to feel this way.

I also remembered that the night before, I had a vivid dream.  I was standing up in a room with boys and we were all naked.  We were forced to stare at a large movie screen and something was…


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Montauk 1993 Trip Day 2

The next morning, I got up with the intention of getting right out to the point and the base. But, that didn't quite happen.  My host talked my head off at breakfast and I found it difficult to extricate myself from her and the B&B. That is when she told me her story. I didn't get away until about 11 am.…


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Montauk 1993 Trip Day 1

Well, I seemed to have dropped a thread that I had meant to pick up. That was about my August 1993 trip out to Montauk and what had happened on it.  See  Camp Hero Cross Point.

Well, earlier I said that I had asked my higher self if it was in the best interest to fo out to Montauk for August 12th. I asked for a single white feather as the sign. A couple of days later, on a weekend, I was at a friend's house. I walked to the front door and looked…


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Explore the universe

Explore the universe

Microsoft's. Worldwide Telescope. It pulls images from the Hubble and Spitzer telescopes along with… Continue

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Are You Getting the Flu Shot?

I expect I know the answer from most of you. At least I hope I do. I was a bit pleasantly surprised when my local newspaper ran a poll this past week. Considering this is a very conservative, laid-back city of 115,000 with a population that grows considerably in the summer as tourists flock to visit the wineries and art festivals, lake and hiking trails, it wasn't the outcome I expected.

The city, of which I live in the outlying area, flaunts it's wealth with the number of retirees who… Continue

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Polanski the Rapist Needs to do his time!!!

I don't understand why anyone feels sorry for these perverts. Money and fame do not make you less guilty or less of a criminal. All are equal and when you "do the crime" you need to "do the time".

Who cares if you are a famous producer or whatever? If anything you took advantage of your position working with young talents such as a school teacher might with a student.

I'm tired of these "society" people thinking they don't have to pay for their crimes like anyone else. Of course he… Continue

Added by UnSlaveMe on September 30, 2009 at 9:49am — 1 Comment

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