A new plastic flow hive invention that threatens to revolutionize the world honey market

A new plastic flow hive invention that threatens to revolutionize the world honey market.


Flow Hive

Video transcript:  Flow Hive

PIP COURTNEY, PRESENTER:  Still on honey - the launch of a new free-flow beehive in recent weeks has had investors swarming. The Flow Hive was created by two Northern Rivers backyard beekeepers who were determined to find a simpler way to harvest their honey.

They ended up harvesting money, as an online crowdfunding initiative took off, with more than US$2 million pledged.

Here's Adrienne Francis.

ADRIENNE FRANCIS, REPORTER: Father and son Stuart and Cedar Anderson are honey hobbyists from the Northern Rivers of New South Wales. This slick and feel-good campaign of theirs is one of the latest crowdfunding success stories.

Instead of applying for a bank loan or grant, crowdfunding allows people seeking money to post a description of their project and a fundraising target online. Sponsors can donate small amounts to help the project take flight and the crowdfunding website makes money through a levy on the total funds raised.


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