Council On Foreign Relations Documents: Geo-engineering To Include Aerosols...AKA Chemtrails

For those who think chemtrails are a paranoid fabrication of an over active imagination, it appears that the elite who have taken it upon themselves to control our destiny are coming out in the open with their plans. Below is an article by Steve Watson of Infowars, which covers an article in Time Magazine about Geo-engineering.
Included in the article are links that will take you to the CFR "think tank" page where their publication "Geoengineering: Workshop on Unilateral Planetary Scale Geo-enginee... is available for anyone to download. The briefing notes in this PDF file specifically name aluminum oxide as a candidate for modifying the atmosphere.
i have posted a section of that document here (below) with links to the PDF download.

It comes as no surprise that the CFR is talking openly about using the specific "aerosol" that people like Clifford Carnicom and California Skywatch have been documenting for years.

To assume that the CFR, (NWO) and it's geo-political oligarchy have not been using these very same aerosol compounds secretly for the last decade is an assumption I am not willing to make. The research in this area overwhelmingly confirms the fact that "aerosols" i.e. aluminum oxide/barium salts are present in the atmosphere. Now the CFR is openly telling us why.

TIME Article Pushes Geo-engineering Agenda
Steve Watson
Tuesday, August 18, 2009

TIME Article Pushes Geo engineering Agenda 180809chemtrails

A new article in TIME magazine suggests that geo-engineering the planet may be the only way forward to prevent the climate “collapsing”.

Bryan Walsh’s article, entitled Can Geoengineering Help Slow Global Warming?suggests that through the use of fossil fuels we are “already geoengineers” and that “we might as well get good at it.”

“If we geoengineered the earth into a mess with our uncontrolled appetite for fossil fuels, maybe we have to geoengineer our way out of it” Walsh writes, citing a new paper by the think tank Copenhagen Consensus on Climate.

In the paper, co-author Lee Lane cites all the usual suggestions of how the planet could be cooled including space mirrors, seawater-mist and man-made volcanoes.

The most prominent form of geoengineering suggested in the paper, however, comes in the form of spraying sulfur into the air.
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Council On Foreign Relations Geo-engineering Document:

Unilateral Geoengineering
Non-technical Briefing Notes for a Workshop
At the Council on Foreign Relations
Washington DC, May 05, 2008
Katharine Ricke, M. Granger Morgan and Jay Apt, Carnegie Mellon
David Victor, Stanford
John Steinbruner, University of Maryland


"Applied to geoengineering, various technologies could be used to loft particles into the
stratosphere, such as naval guns, rockets, hot air balloons or blimps, or a fleet of highflying
aircraft. Potential types of particles for injection include sulfur dioxide, aluminum
oxide dust
or even designer self-levitating aerosols that might be engineered to migrate to
particular regions (e.g. over the arctic) or to rise above the stratospher (so as not to
interfere in stratospheric chemistry). Because of the relative horizontal stability of the
stratosphere compared to the troposphere, the residence time of injected particles is
approximately 1-2 years.3 As a result, such a scheme would require only annual or
biannual replenishment."

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