Back in November of '09, NASA sent LCROSS to the Moon in order for it to collect data based on a kinetic impact. It was to look for 'water'. I am no scientist, but I find it hard to believe that shooting a huge bullet at the Moon will prove there is water there. Can we do the same experiment here? Can I shoot my 40 caliber at the ground and find water? Maybe I'd find 'Black Gold - Texas Tea' before I found good old H-2-O, right? According to NASA, there is water there. And then as fast as it was advertised for months before the event, this find goes away in the folds of history. OK? WHY? If there IS water there, and since we were OBVIOUSLY looking for it, why are we not pursuing this? Where are the NASA plans to go collect the water and deliver it back to Earth? (Shooting a bullet in the Moon to find water...REALLY?)

Fast Forward to TODAY...

ELENIN. A newly found comet coming into the inner solar system in a shallow high elliptical orbit. It will pass by Earth after it reaches Perihelion as close as 0.232 AU or around 21 million miles (A few weeks ago the closest distance was recalculated from 0.24 to 0.232 AU). Is it getting CLOSER? Are we in danger from a possible impact from either ELENIN or trailing debris?

Rewind to the Reagan Years (I know bare with me).

Reagan pushes 'Star Wars' type of anti-ballistic system defense to protect the United States from nuclear attack (for all of you W lovers - it's pronounced 'New-cue-ler'). One idea for this defense is using satellites armed with kinetic weapons to destroy the incoming ICBMs. Basically shooting a bullet at a bullet (see where the dots are connecting?).

10+ years later, we see a movie released called 'Deep Impact'. A comet on the way OUT of the system will hit Earth unless we deflect it OR destroy it. If we don't we will die from an ELE - Extinction Level Event. I don't have to point out the other coincidences in the film, we all know what they are...

IMO - The government has known about this event for many years. Planet X is there, is inbound, and will be both throwing in and dragging behind debris that could cause collateral damage to the planet as it passes through the system. NASA has been working on a kinetic weapon to destroy/deflect the debris (comets, asteroids, etc.)and up until November of '09 (the 'Water' test on the Moon) has been making slow progress based on available technology. In addition, we now have the X37 - a 'mini' shuttle with a payload bay, possibly large enough to carry a satellite (like the one stated before).

Coincidence? Valid Points?


What do you think?

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Comment by deelean on March 11, 2011 at 11:45am
Interesting theory.

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