Has Your Alarm Clock Gone Off Yet? - a Retrospective from a YTN Member (part 1)

In the beginning, my beginning, there was darkness. A veil of secrecy and deception painted in the colors of Parties and Concerts. Beer and Bar Rooms. Everyday life and everyday people. All seemed so real and vaguely fulfilling. A daily routine with a reward after 2 weeks. A home to call my own with a pet and a fenced in yard. A mate or 2 depending on the year and my mood, and of course the only true friend I have ever had my entire life - the Cathode Ray Tube. From Bugs Bunny in childhood to the NFL in my later years, the TV was a true companion with so many choices, so many flavors, so many programs....


1999 was a pinnacle year for me. Managerial position with great benefits, a soon to be loving wife and a son. Something was wrong. My spirit was dying slowly. Something was missing. I tried to fill the void with alcohol and late nights staring at a screen wondering if a good movie was on. Something was telling me this is NOT it. This is NOT life as you should know it. I felt deceived by something nameless. A specter looming over me that would not be revealed. I lost everything in 2001. Layoffs in the company, betrayal in my engagement, and the loss of the self to a potent non-cognizant fluid that controlled me. Rehab was a long experience in the Fall of '01 but I endured and yet I still felt uneasy. I was released on September 10th, feeling like I could dive into a bottle of whiskey again. Relapsing emotions overwhelmed me as my fear grew minute by minute on the way home. I slept like shell shocked soldier. Everything was my fault, everything was because of me, everything was soon to fail. The next day, September 11th, a Higher Power told me otherwise....




My Father called me at a little past 8 am to tell me the news. A plane hit the World Trade Center. Probably some Cessna Pilot that just got his license and was carelessly gallivanting through the sky...OOOPS! So I turned on my dear old friend, the TV, to see...wait a minute...that's not the size of a Cessna. The scar was huge, like God stabbed the tower with a knife. Every channel showed the same impact crevice, the same angle, the same shot. As the reporters began to speculate why a 757 would hit the WTC, a fireball, in an ominous rapid bloom, cascaded debris from the unblemished twin. Screams came from the woman on the screen as I looked in 'shock and awe' at a United States Landmark being defamed and deformed. I thought of the lives of those in the planes, the buildings, the area around what would later become known as 'Ground Zero'. This cannot be happening. Am I dreaming? WHAT IS GOING ON? I wept...


I began to dry my tears when something unthinkable happened next that made the impacts look like flies hitting a windshield. The second tower collapsed. Pancaked. Cement and steel avalanching vertically into a plume of asbestos clouds across lower Manhattan. Dear God WHY? My sorrow was turning to rage. No sooner than I regain my senses, the first tower joins her sister in free fall. At that moment, all my pain from the prior year has become moot. My veins pumped Red, White and Blue. I turned my attention to something new to my life. A means to research and communicate. A way for me to hear others and for others to hear me - the Internet. I had known about the Web for a long time but this was my baptism into using it on a daily basis. I read the feelings of friends and strangers alike, they all screamed Red White and Blue. I stayed in chat rooms listening to all and letting anyone hear me. I created shrines of webpages dedicated to 9/11. The Government said Osama Bin Laden was to blame. He was lucky I was past my prime for military service.


Soon after the tragedy, we invaded Afghanistan to find this terrorist and bring him to justice. Months passed as our troops looked for him but to no avail. Then President Bush said we need to take out Saddam Hussein. He was the terrorist. He had weapons of mass destruction. Hmmmm...did he? Something wasn't right. I thought Osama was the terrorist? Confusion. A new meaning for 'shock and awe' would soon be seen...




Fast Forward - 2005. Due to off and on jobs and the deaths of my parents and a rehab brother of mine, I moved into a small 1 bedroom flat to save money. It's not easy going from a 3 bedroom house to a 1 bedroom closet. Such is life I guess. Well at least I have my buddy Mr. Trinitron! He always has good programs to watch. I wonder why they call them that? Programs. A friend of mine recently went through a divorce so I allowed him refuge until he got on his feet. Seemed like alot of my friends were going through turmoil in their relationships. Not me, I have my buddy TV and the Web, which now is becoming erratic with rumors of 'conspiracy' (One thing I forgot to mention, I love good conspiracies. Always have. It's the thought that a plot so crazy could be feasible, like the government destroying the WTC, not those terrorists that Saddam Hussein sent over. In my youth, I loved Nostradamus. Interesting writings but nothing more.). Rumor here - Rumor there. Even though I had a temporary roommate, I began to settle down and enjoy my little place...until August 29th...


Her name was Katrina. She barreled her way into the Caribbean like a runaway locomotive, stripping Florida of her dignity as she passed. The local news and MSM were keeping up with her path as she slowly made her move to the Louisiana coast. She's only a Cat-2! No problem! I rode the storm out 6 years earlier when New Orleans was hit by a Cat-2, just a lot of wind...PSHAW! Then she bloomed like a murderous rose into a Cat-5 within HOURS! Her eye was fixed on the Crescent City and there was NOTHING anyone could do to prevent her from taking a stroll down Bourbon Street.  But...how can a hurricane go from 2 to 5 in hours? Is that possible?


Upon leaving the night prior to her land fall, I watched the first feeder bands roll with ease across a sky giving in to Katrina's presence. Horizontal rain hit my car as I made haste out of my home city. For the next few months, I would be called a refugee by my own government. WHAT? Then a real 'shock and awe' moment happened next. President Bush stated he knew nothing of the damage capability Katrina would inflict on New Orleans, now swollen with water and debris as 3 levees failed. But, he was on earlier with Michael Brown (a Horse Judge who was promoted to FEMA Director?) being briefed about the damage that this storm was going to inflict. OK...that defies some law of physics...I KNOW IT DOES! Something is amiss...




Fast Forward - 2008. My friend has since moved out, finally. I have the pad all to myself and my buddy, the TV. The Web is now a mainstay in my life. I read many articles and blogs. I watch informative videos from YouTube (in particular, a Vlogger by the name of 'UnSlaveMe'). My conspiracy curiosity is beginning to grow into a yearning for truth. I have seen the government shift their attention form Afghanistan to Iraq as the culprit of 9/11. I have seen a President lie about not knowing the force of nature that hit my city. I have seen endless claims by the MSM that Osama Bin Laden's second hand man is now in custody. I have watched as my country approves torture. Something does not add up. Hey...what is this 'Web Bot'? Hmmm....


I came across something like an oracle from a program on the History Channel called the 'Web Bot'. Apparently this guy, let's call him Clif, made a computer program to speculate on stock changes in the NYSE based on language rather than numbers. Interesting concept, BUT it also forecasts future events based on language changes. Yeah ok...seems decent enough to follow for a laugh so let's see what it says about the future. In an interview online, Clif and his partner named George forecasts that there will be an economic event happening in October of 2008. This I gotta see!


On the days of October 6th and 7th of 2008, the NYSE Index dropped like a stone in a matter of hours and thus began the slow decline of the United States as well as the Death of the Dollar. It was like a slap in the face. Incredible. During the period up until these dates, my association with 'UnSlaveMe' became more in depth. This person shared news videos with me that were nothing like the MSM I saw on old faithful everyday. Why am I not seeing this? Why did the guys with Web Bot prove to be true? What is going on? So many questions. 'UnSlaveMe' told me I was looking for truth and invited me into a group dedicated to finding it. I accepted. This person seemed like a Matrix character, I was awaiting the Red Pill. LOL.


I would not have to wait long...

















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Comment by Michael Romero on April 23, 2011 at 7:42am
Thanks for so honestly sharing such a personal story with us, engaging the reader all the more because it seems to be an ongoing one ~~ a story of our times ~~ still being told, unfinished, continuing, evolving.
Comment by SnowDog523 on April 21, 2011 at 12:50am

Thank you all...


Not for reading my blog. Not for the compliments. Not for the similarities, but for being there on my journey  and for me being on yours. Everyday is a new wonder for us all to behold. I am glad to have you all with me to share feelings and to better understand the world we live in. We are transcending into a higher level of being, and it is so beautiful. Peace, Love & Light to you all!!! :)

Comment by MarieLynne ST Pierre on April 20, 2011 at 11:06am
Thank you Robbie for sharing your story with us.  Awake seems to leave us dazed and confused.  I actually think I was born that way.  Awake doesn't make life any easier does it.  I think it makes life more challenging because we live outside of the consensus agreement.  We live outside the tribal mind while we explore our experiences with a different perspective.  Like you, I have found solice with my internet friends, my fellow warriors.  We need eachother in this world. I am grateful for friends like you.
Comment by Maryanne Dattoli on April 20, 2011 at 11:04am
I have lived just long enough to have been at the advent of TV.  I may have been a child but I drove my mother crazy with one little word, WHY?  I watched and listened and hopefully I learned.  What today's children do not know is how much we had to do without because they have always done with; they have nothing to relate to.  The more technology advanced the further apart the family was driven.  We are where we are today because a man named Rothschild (his evil twin Rockefeller shares well) had/has a better plan.  You think you are enslaved now, just wait!
Comment by SnowDog523 on April 19, 2011 at 4:38pm
Thank you for the posts and the links. I will continue this Blog for I feel it will be something to enjoy...
Comment by z1zaz on April 17, 2011 at 12:55pm

Well written Robbie.

As children we believe what we are told, and we have fun.

Thing is - what we are told is is someone else's version of truth.

Which we believe just the same - because we were taught to !

When I saw the towers fall, my mind told me "they can't fall like that" - but I had seen it on TV, and my mind was conditioned.

It was several years before I realised that they actually did not fall - and the bastard perps who did that do not realise what a change *they* have induced within humanity.

Anyone who can spare about $35 should buy -

for there is another aspect related to the deaths of those trapped up high, which is *never* mentioned on TV.

This one act by TPTB will prove their eventual undoing, with Katrina+Sunamis etc. merely adding to the justice about to come their way.

The thing is that so many people are becoming aware that -
and it starts at school, where this simple demo was censored in 1970

Tesla's and Moray's free energy works were stolen/ classified
etc., so when you next watch 9-11 videos, think of upscaling this

So ask yourself why/ how can this happen ?
then realise the theory we are taught about EM radiation is FALSE.

Yet we are still teaching students the same lies/ rubbish !

Be careful whose "truths" you believe - especially if you act upon them !

Comment by UnSlaveMe on April 16, 2011 at 5:56am
Wow Robbie ... what a fantastic blog, (story). Unfortunately your life is like so many others trying to find fulfillment through an unfulfilling lifetime of enslavement. I loved your characterization of television. It's so demonic and yet pretends a friendship with all. We've all been sucked into that whirlpool .. at least for a time.
So many share the feeling of sadness and aloneness .. often times while living in a fantasy world with family, friends, good jobs, no money worries and of course their friend .. television. I went through this .. and to this day still endure these feelings of wanting to break free of all. We are meant to be free.
You have a wonderful way of expressing yourself and I admire that Robbie. Keep it up .. I do hope this will be a continuing blog. Much love and light my dear friend .. B.

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