Most of you are undoubtedly well aware of the proposed bill before the US Congress better known as Blair Holt's Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act of 2009.

According to the version before the House of Representatives, Law Enforcement Agencies are exempt (as you might expect); however, if you thought that is where your concern or interest should end...look again. As it is written, HR 45 is of great concern to any private firearm owner. For example, carefully read the "Inspections" section under Title IV - Enforcement of HR 45 itself. The likelihood of this passing - or for that matter prevailing the scrutiny of the Supreme Court for its constitutionality - is anyone's best guess. All citizens and firearms owners we should remain informed and at least be aware when those working for us draft such language that potentially hits so close to home (contrary to our Constitutional
Educate and decide for yourself whether writing a letter or making a phone call is in order.
F.htm>> "...the Attorney General may, during regular business hours, enter any place in which firearms or firearm products are manufactured, stored, or held, for distribution in commerce, and inspect those areas where the products are so manufactured, stored, or held"

Cut & paste the following link into your browser: if you wish to view the entire bill.

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