What is Reality? What is this world I am looking at? How am I creating it? How does someone else create it? Without the knowledge of this reality, how can we understand the world we are living in? How can we be free if we don't even know who we are or what we are part of?

This world is a world that only exists in our mind. That's where this world exists. What we think is out there - automobiles, trees, houses, walls, books - surely it's out there. It seems to be out there...No, it's only in here (pointing to the head), provable fact. What if there was a select group of people that have held this knowledge and passed it on through secrecy over the ages at the highest level for thousands of years and who understand how we create reality and what reality is. What if I knew how you created your reality every day which manifested as your daily experience, your daily routine if you will...and YOU DIDN'T because it was kept from you, hidden from you based on said set routine. You would be a manipulator's dream to me because I know how you do it and you don't know you're even doing it.

We can turn the key on the prison cell door and walk out to freedom, and it doesn't take a gun, and it doesn't take a physical revolution, it doesn't even involve marching through the streets. It involves changing the way we perceive ourselves in reality and this world must change because this world is simply a reflection of what goes on in our minds.
  - David Icke

For those that hold the knowledge of how we perceive everything around us, limit their access to your reality and watch your world change to be what you have always dreamed it should be...

Gandhi knew this. Mohamed knew this. Buddha knew this. Christ knew this. Reality perceived is reality achieved. The wheel of life that is Karma works this way. You perceive how you are and what your surroundings should be and others radiate a response based on that reality. If you take time to see the picture you have painted for yourself you will notice all the flaws, blemishes and mistakes in the strokes of your painting. You always have time to change the picture if you know where to look.

Morpheus stated to Thomas Anderson that If REAL is what you can see, smell, taste, touch and hear then Reality is nothing more than chemical actions in your brain. Is it that simple? If so, then someone devoid of all senses has no concept of reality (according to Morpheus) and yet their mind still functions, still thinks, still imagines, still dreams. Is he correct? Can someone who is completely senseless in the literal form of the term comprehend reality? What are their thoughts? Their dreams? Their aspirations? (Have you ever wondered what a blind man sees as what his reality is?) Just because the mind cannot perceive the world through senses does not mean the world does not exist. The mind adapts and creates a reality that is suitable for the individual. The mind can change reality if threatened, saddened, overly stimulated, or lacking in motivation. The senses are ONLY guides for the mind to better perceive reality around it. But when the mind is PROGRAMMED over a prolonged period of time to accept certain values and beliefs as to what reality is based on, primarily overly stimulated senses, it becomes a prisoner. A canary in a golden cage. It cannot spread its wings and fly. Have we succumb to this? Have we been manipulated into believing that everything around us, all we see, hear, taste, touch and smell as being the reality we can be satisfied with? Or is there something more?

Put down the phone. Turn off the TV. Walk away from the Computer. Stop texting.

Explore Mother Earth. She is out there all around you, and yet you overlook her everyday. Take time to enjoy the sights of flowers in bloom, the songs of birds, the aromas of meadows, the sweet taste of honeydew, and the feel of grass beneath your feet. Then take a step further and imagine all of that reality as an integral part of you. Free your mind from the rat race of this throw away culture we have accepted from the Powers That Be. It is not a reality that is viable nor necessary for our minds. Become one with all around you and you will control your reality and form it into something far more beautiful than what you have now. Your painting will become the Masterpiece it was meant to be...

Peace, Love & Light

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Comment by SnowDog523 on May 25, 2011 at 2:47am

G - Very true brother. Technology is NOT an answer to Spirituality. Faith based on Silicone is nothing more than a dead end. Thank you for your words, brother!


B - My canvas is wide and yet simple. The scenery is all coming into view for the better. The colors are vivid now when they were once black and white and mundane. My eyes are open and my spirit is free. Peace, Love & Light, Sister!

Comment by z1zaz on May 25, 2011 at 1:24am

Twittering, working and playing hard, prevent an essential sharing of life with our Mother Earth,

also deny people that awareness of Peace and Light through which time spent Loving her provides.

Comment by UnSlaveMe on May 23, 2011 at 1:35pm
Beautiful and inspiring, and a real joy to read. Thankyou Robbie for sharing your awareness with us.
And on your birthday .. may all your visions become your true reality. The canvas is large and empty .. paint a beautiful portrait for your special day. :)

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