Shocking DNA Results show that the Starchild Skull is Alien

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The Starchild Skull is a 900-year-old human-like bone skull with distinctly non-human characteristics. It was unearthed in a mine tunnel near Mexico’s Copper Canyon around 1930. The Starchild Project is an informal research group that has coordinated numerous scientific investigations since its founding in February of 1999.

Early in 2011, a geneticist attempting to recover Starchild Skull DNA identified four fragments that matched with human mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA). Comparing those fragments with matching fragments from human mtDNA produced an astonishing result. In every comparison, the Starchild presented many more nucleotide differences than are normally found among humans. In one comparison detailed in this report, the compared segments of human mtDNA came from one of its most highly conserved regions. Across 167 nucleotides in this segment, only 1 single variation is found among the 33 human haplogroups. In contrast, the same length of Starchild mtDNA has 17 differences! Of those 17, a significant number should be confirmed by multiple repetitions of the test. If several are confirmed (which is highly likely), it will be enough evidence to establish a new earthly species. [In 2010 just such a new prehuman species, Denisova, was confirmed by having a significant number of differences in its mtDNA.

The results uncovered by the research team and presented the scientific community with a genetic and physical profile never before seen on Earth.

 Shocking DNA Results show that the Starchild Skull is Alien

A classic depiction of a Grey (left) and an artist' depiction of how the Starchild Skull would have looked in life (right).

Now new DNA findings indicate that the Starchild Skull may well be “alien”! Now all that remains is to determine whether alien means  “foreign to normal human genetics within the framework of that subject as it is currently understood,” or “definitely not from planet Earth”…. or something in between.

Read here: Starchild Skull DNA Analysis Report

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Comment by vonni on June 2, 2012 at 3:51am

I also very much dislike the word "alien", and think it is very arrogant, (without reading the bible), just common sence and gut feeling, tells me " its Wrong"!


We are all living beings, and we all have that gift of life

to Respect - to Share - to Love.

I totally agree!

btw, I am called "alien" my whole live, I know the feeling ;)

Comment by z1zaz on June 2, 2012 at 1:28am

I have never liked the term 'alien'.

How would you like to be called an 'alien'.

Read the old Sumarian texts/ old Bible testaments.

We were made on Earth with a likeness, about 200,000 yrs ago.

Thus WE ca be said to be 'alien' too, yet we

are so arrogant as to see ourselves as THE reference !

We are all living beings, and we all have that gift of life

to Respect - to Share - to Love.

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