Sri Yantra Etching in Oregon Lake Energy Emitters Intra-dimensional Doorways

The Sri Yantra is an age old symbol – with an approximate origination date of over 5000 years ago – which is meant to heal our minds and hearts.
Sri Yantra

The Sri Yantra is a collection of 16 interlacing triangles around a bindu – which is a point of focus for the mind.

Bindu literally means ‘point’ or ‘dot’ in the Sanskrit language.

If you are using this as a meditation tool, the center point aims at bringing your awareness to a more and more singular point. If you are using the Sri Yantra as a point of contemplation, then you can imagine that the cascade of triangles within the lotus flower is at once a macrocosm and microcosm of the world you live in, with your perception as it is now.

spherical sri yantra

While some see Maya as the destructive display of illusion, or the separation of the Divine Mind from the egoic mind, more accurately, it is simple the creative nature of Creation trying to experience Itself.

While Maya may keep the veils of true Divine experience out of our current perspective, it also offers a myriad of ways to get back to the Oneness, our true nature, as evidenced by the interlocking triangles in perfect distance from each subsequent set of triangles based on a Pi ratio. . .the creative play of Maya!

There are other places that this ratio exists. It is in nature, for example, and quite prolifically displayed.It is in nautilus shells, in the formation of leaves and petals of innumerable plants.
The divine ratio shows up in ocean wave patterns.  Divine sound oscillates at perfect ratios for our optimum health and recent studies in DNA prove that divine sound can even change our DNA.
New scientific study takes sound therapy out of the New Age pigeon hole it has been stuck in and brings it into mainstream science.  The way scientists were able to change DNA was by using particular frequencies of sound, which are essentially energetic patterns, which then encode the DNA much like a computer programmer dictates how a software will work on your computer by creating a syntax which it recognizes.
In fact, the team led by molecular biologist,Pjotr Garjajev, found that DNA responds to sound in the same way langauge is formed, and even has its own grammar rules!
Apparently, our ‘junk’ DNA is actually highly programmable utilizing the right frequencies, such that illness can be healed and even super-human skills like clairvoyance, clairaudience and intense intuition can be programmed right into the molecular structure of human being
Linguists even looked at the probability of Garjajev’s research being swayed by his own bias, and they found that there is no statistical way that our DNA is not orderly in its ‘language’ since repeated ‘words’ show up just like in any other language – ones that get used more often, and others which rarely show up to convey an idea.
If, in fact, junk DNA holds the keys to opening our true gifts, then it can surely be utilized with sound frequency, to heal us.
Energy healing or healing with sound,  means tuning into a particular vibratory rate in order to elevate the mind and body .
orb of light captured in a photo
look closely at the pattern
its the Sri Yantra
Meditation with the Sri Yantra (orbs floating above in the room)
The origin of Sri Yantra can be dated back to 2500-3000 B.C. It is a mystical symbol and remains a challenge to our modern scientific knowledge. This particular sacred symbol has undergone much intensive research globally for several hundred years. Scholars conclude that the invisible power of “the Queen of the entire universes” can be visualized from Sri Yantra  during the time of meditation.

Sri Yantra is created in an electromagnetic vibrating field, an experiment in the translation of sound into vision. Similar experiences are ‘sensed’ during ritual worship when the Yantra pattern ‘dematerializes,’ appearing to dissolve into a sound-pattern or vibration field of spoken mantras.

Sri Yantra is the symbol of global peace and harmony and the sign of expressing the invisible by means of visible or sensuous representations. This guides us both to know the truth of divine love and to remain in unity among our various diversities.

spherical sri yantra

spherical sri yantra

The tantric symbol of cosmic unity

It supposedly has been created from translating the vibration of the Om sound into an image

“Sri Yantra created in an electronic vibration field, an experiment in the translation of sound into vision. A similar experience is ‘sensed’ during ritual worship when the yantra pattern ‘dematerializes’, appearing to dissolve into a sound-pattern or vibration field of spoken mantras.

There is a science called Cymatics that is about the translation of sound vibrations into visible patterns. It is usually done by vibrating a fine powder or a liquid on a plate connected to a speaker.

The images that can be produced with different frequencies are complex and beautiful and often look like mandalas.

Sound image

Earth Etching Appears in Oregon Dry Lake Bed

Oregon Sri Yantra

A very large, perfectly formed, ancient Hindu mandala called the Sri Yantra was discovered inscribed into the dry lake bed by an Air National Guard pilot on a normal training run from a base near Boise, Idaho. This symbol was over a quarter of a mile in length, and consisted of over 13 miles of lines etched into the impacted mud 3”-10” deep.

The Sri Yantra as you can see is drawn from nine triangles, four pointing downwards and five pointing upwards, forming 42 triangular fragments around a central triangle. There is probably no other set of triangles which interlock with such integrational perfection. This is why the design is the most revered of tantric diagrams.

Over the past two decades there has been much speculation about the origin of the 1990 Sri Yantra earth scraping that appeared in a remote dry lake bed in Oregon, near the Idaho border. Nearly as soon as the discovery was made tales of illuminated objects–spheres of light, made headlines along with claims by individuals asserting to have made the design.

Among the related phenomenon called  crop circles 

Researchers that the appearances of light phenomena is often repeatedly sighted in the same fields where both natuaral and man-made formations have been created.

The Cheesefoot formation is a complex labyrinth.

Labyrinths are ancient designs, Daedalus having designed the first one to house the fearful Minotaur in 1600 BC. Over the years labyrinths have been used for many different purposes from Ecclesiastical, ritual, magical protection, song , dance etc but perhaps the most important function is walking the journey of one’s life as we seek the Eternal Holy Grail, suffering the many twists and turns as we tread our earthly pilgrimage.
When you look into this design you will see both Celtic crosses and chain links, symbols of both Spirituality and Unity.

Might this phenomena also have played a role in the Sri Yantra earth etching?

What motivating stimulus inspired the builders to select the site, and pattern?

History has shown that one need not be aware of the phenomena in order to be deeply interacting with it.

Sri Yantra on lingam

Sri Yantra carved on top of Lingam in Anegundi temple in Karnataka.

spherical sri yantra
The Sri Yantra also called Sri Chakra is a beautiful and complex sacred geometry used for worship, devotion and meditation. It has been in use for thousands of years and it’s origin seems unknown.

The central figure is composed of nine interlocking triangles. Every triangle is connected to the others by common points and this is the reason why it is so difficult to draw correctly. Changing the size or position of one triangle often require changing the position of many other triangles.

As far back as Greek Mystery schools 2500 years ago, we as a species were taught that there are five perfect 3-dimensional forms -The tetrahedron, hexahedron, octahedron, dodecahedron, and icosahedron. Collectively these are known as The Platonic Solids — and are the foundation of everything in the physical world 

Geometric shapes actually represent the manifest stages of ‘becoming’. To see and work with unity and wholeness in geometry can help abolish our false notion of separateness from nature and from each other. Through Sacred Geometry we can discover the inherent proportion, balance and harmony that exists in any situation, all manifest reality and even the circumstances of our day-to-day life.

It was Marcel Proust who said,

“ The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands but seeing with new eyes.”

The Energy in Action

Leonardo Fibonacci was an Italian mathematician who introduced to Europe and popularized the Hindu-Arabic number system (also called the decimal system). He contributed greatly to number theory, and during his life published many important texts. He is also known for the Fibonacci Series, a numerical series found frequently in the natural world.

One of the most profound and significant activities encompassed within sacred geometry is the ‘Golden Mean Spiral’, derived by using the ‘Golden Ratio’.

Golden Ratio Spiral

 The Golden Mean was used in the design of sacred buildings in ancient architecture to produce spiritual energy that facilitated connectivity with spiritual realms through prayer. Our reality is very structured, and indeed Life is even more structured. This is reflected though Nature in the form of geometry. Geometry is the very basis of our reality, and hence we live in a coherent world governed by unseen laws.  These are always manifested in our world.  The Golden Mean governs the proportion of our world and it can be found even in the most seemingly proportion-less (active) living forms.

Tthe Golden Mean and other forms of geometry can be seen imbedded in many of the ancient monuments that still exist today.  The Great Pyramid (the oldest of these structures) at Giza is a good example. The height of this pyramid is in Phi ratio (e.g. the Golden Mean Ratio) to its base. The geometry in this particular structure is far more accurate than that found in any of today’s modern buildings.

These particular shapes are energy emitters; they are shapes that produce a type of penetrating carrier wave which Chaumery and De Belizal named negative green (which acts as carrier-like radio waves that carry sound information).

The vibrational quality of the Golden Mean gives it very strong communication properties, which facilitate resonance with higher realms in prayer.

We live in the 3rd dimension, or the ‘Plane of Manifestation’. The Golden Mean is an intra-dimensional doorway though which matter emerges into manifest 3-dimensional reality. For example, when a star is born it follows specific number sequences or universal rules, the same rules of life in the expansion process. Then we see the light!

Bio-Geometry is a science that deals with the effect of geometrical shapes on life functions and the design of shapes that interact with earth’s energy fields, to produce special pre-calculated effects on biological systems.

All Of Creation Is Moving Light


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