Is this story not typical of our present day culture? I think it is. I believe Tiger Woods is a gifted young man propelled into chasing his dream at a very young age and perhaps trying too hard to please too many.
Obviously married too young or without a true conviction to his marriage vows, the limelight has suddenly turned from his enthusiastic and profound golf game to his extramarital pursuit of other women.
There's something disturbing about it all. It's easy to feel sad for all those involved, but who deserves the blame? Tiger? His devoted wife? His manager?
Of course Tiger is the one who created the situation by being a young man with a wandering eye when away from home .. but there is still iron"y" involved. No pun intended to the golfing enthusiasts.
I believe it could be the difference in how women and men portray themselves and in the unlearned skills of what it takes to truly commit to a relationship for life.
I have five brothers so I am well aware how different the thinking of the sexes is in terms of sex and relationships. It is with this knowledge that I base my philosophy on my own choice for a lifelong partner. I learned my own grim lesson the first time around and was determined not to let it happen again.
Is there a magic formula? I think there could be. It's making that true commitment from the heart and really meaning it. It's not a pressure move to get married. Nor is it something to decide too quickly. You really need to make sure that the chemistry is there all the time .. not just when you want it to be. It is like the yin and yang .. either one can operate alone, but together the sparks are constant and blinding and live on and on and on. It's not easy to find the right one, but if we each commit to taking the time to search them out .. the rewards are phenomenal.
I hope Tiger's wife can find it in her heart to forgive him as I believe his judgement was just very bad and this is the wakeup call that just might make a real man out of him. Just my opinion. :)

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Comment by UnSlaveMe on December 10, 2009 at 5:16pm
More like ... now they have someone to run to with their troubles lol! I am here to give them advice and they come looking on a regular basis. :) Men are such brats! But, I love them.
Comment by Christl on December 10, 2009 at 5:12pm
I agree with you. I am going on 10 years, and it is a ever changing yin & yang equilibrium. My husband Shawn is my best friend, and vice versa. His mom Joni is my best friend also now. It is hard to find a best friend too, and once you have that, you don't want anything to break that bond. 5 brothers hum? I guess you got tired answering the phone for them. Your lucky, now you got 5 guys that can beat the crap out of an asshole that betrays you.

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