As you can see it's a bit hot where I live .... 

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It looks like you are in the middle of all of it and I'm sure the smoke is awful.  Is your house in the path of any of the fire?

Yes at times the smoke is very bad except when there's a breeze blowing. No fires in our immediate area, except local smaller fires that pop up however that could change at anytime we're told. 

Are these all being caused by lightening? 

No Carol, not all, but most of them .. some they say are caused by careless campers and smokers plus just today they are suspicious of 5 fires they believe were caused by an arsonist. 

Remember, ISIS is telling their followers to start fires, so they could be some of the arsonists.  Stay safe and I hope the fires stay away from your area.

Yes it doesn't feel like a normal fire season .. so much rain earlier and then flooding and now fires. Very strange. I would not doubt that terrorism is involved. Thanks Carol. 


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