20 Questions You Have to Ask U.S. Political Candidates Because Nobo...

Posted: 10 Oct 2018 09:00 PM PDT

BOMBSHELL: Women Discussed Vegas Massacre, "Shooting Fish in a Barr...

Posted: 10 Oct 2018 09:00 PM PDT

In an interview with Big League Politics Thursday, a former CIA Chief of Station and the President of Americans for Intelligence Reform discussed a bombshell revelation buried within the police final report regarding a premeditated conversation about the shooting, which occurred at the venue 30 minutes before Stephen Paddock rained bullets on the crowd.

"Bullshit": CNN Airs Kanye West Swearing During Surreal Meeting Wit...

Posted: 10 Oct 2018 09:00 PM PDT

President Trump and Kanye West got together with Jared Kushner, Ivanka, NFL star Jim Brown and about a dozen reporters on Thursday, where the Trump-loving rap star gave a 10-minute sermon counting the ways Trump is a superstar to him.

“Rising Inequality” Could Impact America’s AAA Credit Rating

Posted: 10 Oct 2018 09:00 PM PDT

Credit-analysis firm Moody’s Investors Service is sounding the alarm bells over “rising inequality” as the gap widens between America’s rich and poor, potentially threatening the country’s AAA rating. So much for that vision of a newly emboldened American working class … Instead, Trump’s $1.5 trillion in tax cuts, according to Moody’s, have helped make the rich richer, putting more of the onus of repaying the country’s debt on the poor.

Too Fat to Fight

Posted: 10 Oct 2018 09:00 PM PDT

It’s well known at this point that just under 30 percent of Americans ages 17 to 24 ? the prime age to join the Army ? aren’t eligible to join.

Wikileaks: Amazon Atlas

Posted: 10 Oct 2018 09:00 PM PDT

Police facial recognition body cams can be edited by law enforcement

Posted: 10 Oct 2018 09:00 PM PDT

Soon nowhere will be safe from Big Brother's prying eyes. Imagine walking down Main St., and seeing officer friendly approaching you. As the officer approaches you, he or she has already scanned your face against a 15 million person database and knows if you have any outstanding tickets, warrants etc.

TSA Abused Reassignments to Target Whistleblowers, House Panel Finds

Posted: 10 Oct 2018 09:00 PM PDT

Senior officials at the Transportation Security Administration used reassignments to retaliate against whistleblowers, and the Homeland Security Department is withholding related documents from Congress and the Office of Special Counsel, a House committee found in a pair of reports released on Tuesday.

UN Reports Over 8,000 Afghan Civilians Killed in 2018, Mostly Women...

Posted: 10 Oct 2018 09:00 PM PDT

Adding to a growing list of UN reports released recently all showing a surge in Afghan civilian casualties in different manners, a Wednesday report was released showing that civilian deaths are surging from US and Afghan government airstrikes.

Leaked Google Document Advises to “Police Tone Instead of Content” ...

Posted: 10 Oct 2018 09:00 PM PDT

Another Google document has found its way into the public domain, this time through Breitbart. The news publication reports that an 85-page briefing entitled “The Good Censor,” advises tech companies to “police tone instead of content” and to not “take sides” when censoring users.

America Divided: Ku Klux Klan Visits Baltimore After White Slaying

Posted: 10 Oct 2018 09:00 PM PDT

Neighbors in Federal Hill, Baltimore, where Tim Moriconi, 25, was killed, said they had received Ku Klux Klan recruitment fliers outside their homes last weekend, according to a new report from Fox Baltimore.

Yemen’s Navy Uses New Missile to Destroy Saudi Military Vessel Near...

Posted: 10 Oct 2018 09:00 PM PDT

Yemen’s navy targeted a military vessel belonging to Saudi Arabia off of the northwestern coast of Hajjah on Wednesday, reportedly killing all aboard the vessel. The boat, which was in the Medi port, was carrying out attacks on the residential districts of Heiran and Medi in Hajjah when it was hit, according to a statement from Yemen’s navy. A source in Yemen’s navy confirmed to MintPress News that it targeted the Saudi vessel with a new type of domestically-manufactured missile, but did not name the missile.

DHS Investigators Argue The Border Warrant Exception Covers Searche...

Posted: 10 Oct 2018 09:00 PM PDT

The DHS is back in court, arguing for its "right" to expand border searches to cover the entire country. The case in which Homeland Security investigators are making this dubious claim involves the placement of a GPS device on a truck crossing the Canadian border… which FBI agents then tracked all the way down into California.

US’ Pompeo: ‘We want the whole Middle East to look like Israel’

Posted: 10 Oct 2018 09:00 PM PDT

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said yesterday that “Israel is everything we want the entire Middle East to look like going forward” and that US-Israel relations are “stronger than ever”. Speaking at an award ceremony held by the Jewish Institute for National Security of America in Washington DC, Pompeo hailed Israel as “democratic and prosperous”, adding “it desires peace, it is a home to a free press and a thriving economy,” Arutz Sheva reported.

Judge: Groundskeeper Failed to Show Monsanto Acted with ‘Malice’ in...

Posted: 10 Oct 2018 09:00 PM PDT

A California judge opened the door Wednesday to a do-over of the landmark trial that awarded California groundskeeper DeWayne Johnson $289 million in damages from agri-chemical giant Monsanto after he claimed constant use of the company's Roundup weed-killer caused his cancer.

US senators trigger human rights probe over missing Saudi journalist

Posted: 10 Oct 2018 09:00 PM PDT

Twenty-two US senators on Wednesday forced a US investigation of whether human rights sanctions should be imposed over the disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi, a Saudi journalist last seen as he entered the Saudi consulate in Turkey on Oct. 2, Reuters reports. In a letter, the senators said they had triggered a provision of the Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act requiring the president to determine whether a foreign person is responsible for a gross human rights violation.

Mid-Air Rocket Failure Forces Emergency Landing For US, Russia Spac...

Posted: 10 Oct 2018 09:00 PM PDT

A Russian Soyuz booster rocket has failed in mid-air less than two minutes after take-off on Thursday, forcing the crew to make an emergency landing with the help of NASA and technicians on the ground.

As Countless People Rot in Jail for Weed, Child Predator Ex-Congres...

Posted: 10 Oct 2018 09:00 PM PDT

Last year, Anthony Weiner, the disgraced congressman from New York was sentenced to prison after he pleaded guilty to sending a 15-year-old child horrifically graphic texts, images of himself, and videos. Although he was sentenced to 21 months for his crimes, the child predator will be getting out of jail early according to the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

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