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I pray Drake is right that these evil ones will be taken down first and that the military is on the side of the American people!

my oldest son is in the marines and i know for certain he would never go against the american people. I am certain that most of the military is of the same mind. 

far to vague however I do think things are going to go south soon. When people report this kind of stuff without naming their sources I have a hard time with it. If this is something that is imminent then names should be named and everyone should stand together in one accord. Things are getting too serious and to act on the word of a word of an unknown source is just too risky.

Things are plain to see if one opens their eyes. jmho

I don't doubt much when it comes to this administration! IF ALL WAS RIGHT obama wouldn't keep his records sealed.  WHO IS HE REALLY????

I honestly wouldn't doubt any of this happening. We all know it's coming.

Yes you are 100% correct... It has already started as a matter of fact. They do it like wolves in sheep's clothing.. They screw us over and we accept it with open arms because of the lies, manipulation, and brainwashing.. Like I said, we are already being harvested...

I can see the US economy will implode and society will change due to the long wars the US has pursued same as the USSR did in Afghanistan. I hope it changes in the same way as it did in the USSR - peacefully.

Sending thoughts of light and love to one and all.

Back at ya:)

you know there is going to be controlled opposition and propaganda ... from the bad guys ... who are these sources ... follow the money ... who is paying who ? is it a psyops ? looks like fear porn ? so many things to consider ...

I believe this is an old recording. I see it was re-posted on youtube but believe it was an old show.

This is an old video! Posted! 05/12/2009!

Former Kansas State Trooper Greg Everson: 'U.S. Forces Plan DIRECT ACTION AGAINST American


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