Breaking News: Anonymous: CIA, Interpol websites 'tango down'

The global hacktivst group known as Anonymous claims to have brought down the CIA and Interpol websites on Sunday.
­The attack is attributed to @AnonTurkey, with the group using the twitter handle to say they are "hacking the world to save the planet".

Earlier this year, Anomymous launched an offensive against government and private sites in protest against the content industry.

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Aw shucks...hate it when that happens!

Trouble is - some sheeple will believe this rubbish.

The focus is on Greece ATM.

Anonymous has no direction, just a bunch of unorganised rebels.

The vast majority wouldn't even know how to contact one another of the net.

They're possibly infiltrated here and there yes, just like everything opposing the people in charge.

They might fasten up things yes, for everybody not liking the frog in the pan idea.

Midnight Greece time the Lulz begin as they say. That's in 3 min from now.

Busy people :)

The attack has begone on multiple targets.

I see they're back to their old tricks again, All it takes to join in the attack is one click on the right/wrong link (Twitter etc)

Be that a warning or an encouragement  :P

Interesting .. thanks for that. I won't do any clicking, but it will be interesting to see what comes of this.

Update : Nothing happened really,. They  were  disorganised again, or perhaps  the cause was not really supported by some of the main Anons on twitter.

#opgreece hastag. showed  * 20/30  anons on twitter. trying to harass the greek gov.

* not really sure it was very late. :)

Loss of credibility for anyone that followed it IMO


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